[Nfbnet-members-list] Don't Forget to Support the Ohio Association of Blind Students in Orlando!

Kaiti Shelton kaiti.shelton at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 03:00:12 UTC 2015

Hello, Federationists:

Of course all the causes available for you to support at convention
are worthy of contributions, but don’t miss out on the chance to make
a positive difference in the lives of Ohio students.  The Ohio
Association of Blind Students, a proud division of the National
Association of Blind Students and the National Federation of the
Blind, is conducting a drawing for gift card prizes to national
franchises such as ITunes, Amazon, and the Darden family of
restaurants which includes Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse among
others.  50% of the proceeds will be donated to Ohio’s 2016 BELL
Program as the 2015 program is currently underway.  BELL is one of the
most valuable things the Ohio affiliate does each year, and the Ohio
Association of Blind Students is dedicated to helping our affiliate
sustain the program to benefit the next generation of braille readers
for as long as possible.  The remaining 50% of the funds will go to
our treasury and may be used for a variety of outreach projects in the
planning stages.  OABS would particularly like to sponsor a retreat
and send board members to do some student outreach in parts of the
state without representation in the division at present.
Additionally, your support of our fundraiser will allow the Ohio
Association of Blind Students to grow as a division and make
meaningful contributions to our state affiliate.

Tickets will be sold 1 for $1 and 6 for $5 and can be purchased
through PayPal, by sending a check to our treasurer, or by buying a
brailled ticket stub from an OABS board member at convention.  More
information on the 3 payment methods is below.  Please keep any
confirmation emails you might receive for your records.

For PayPal you will receive an electronic email from the
oabs.nfb at gmail.com address which will also have your ticket numbers
listed.  The link you’ll need is:

To send a check please first contact OABS treasurer Emily Pennington
at emilypennington at fuse.net so she can expect it in her mail and have
a means of letting you know she’s received your payment.  The
confirmation email you will receive will also contain your ticket

The following OABS board members will be selling brailled ticket stubs
at our National Convention: President Kaiti Shelton, Vice President
Aleeha Dudley, Treasurer Emily Pennington, and Secretary Macy McClain.
The four of us will be happy to assist you throughout the week.  Be
sure to keep track of your ticket stubs for later reference.

If you miss us at convention you can still pay with a check or with
PayPal, but all PayPal purchases must be completed and all checks must
be received by July 15th.  Winners will be announced over list serve
and contacted by email on the evening of July 16th.  All prizes will
be mailed promptly.  If you have any questions please feel free to
contact either President Kaiti Shelton at Kaiti.shelton at gmail.com  or
Treasurer Emily Pennington at emilypennington at fuse.net.

The Ohio Association of Blind Students extends its gratitude to those
who have supported the fundraiser thus far.  Last year’s drawing
within the Ohio affiliate brought in $128:50 for BELL and OABS each.
With the support of our Federation family I am confident we can do
better this year.  Please join us in our efforts to build a better and
brighter future for students in Ohio.

Yours truly,
Kaiti Shelton, Ohio Association of Blind Students President

Kaiti Shelton
University of Dayton 2016.
Music Therapy, Psychology, Philosophy
President, Ohio Association of Blind Students
Sigma Alpha Iota-Delta Sigma

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