[Nfbnet-members-list] Pre-Order Album and Possibly Win Free Concert

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Jul 14 18:07:05 UTC 2015

>Fellow Federationists:
>Many of you heard at convention that Jessica and I recently returned 
>from Scotland, where we recorded her new album, Songs of the Summer 
>Realm. I want to follow up with you to remind you how you can 
>pre-order your copy, and how pre-ordering could help your state 
>affiliate win a free concert! (The deadline is 6:00 p.m. Eastern on 
>Thursday, July 16.) By supporting our project, you help us show 
>others that, with proper training and opportunity, we as blind 
>people can compete with our sighted peers and make important 
>contributions to the world around us.
>Pre-Ordering Jessica's Album on Kickstarter: Since this project is 
>such a substantial undertaking, we are financing it by selling 
>copies in advance through a Kickstarter page, which you can find at 
>In case you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a crowdfunding 
>platform that allows people to raise capital for their albums, film 
>projects, or inventions. We set a funding goal of $15,000 for our 
>project, and we are currently at about $8800. People can back the 
>project at different levels, and they are only charged if and when 
>we make our goal, which we must do by 6:00 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, 
>July 16. A digital download of Jessica's album costs $10. A CD copy 
>costs $25. Other reward levels include video updates of the 
>recording process and Braille liner notes for the album. One can 
>even book a small concert for $2000.
>Concert Raffle for State Affiliates: As a special promotion for the 
>National Federation of the Blind's 75th anniversary, we are going to 
>treat Kickstarter contributions by Federationists as one 
>contribution for the purpose of giving a concert. If we make our 
>$15,000 Kickstarter goal, and if Federationists collectively 
>contribute $2000 (the amount an individual would have to pay to get 
>a concert), for each $75 contributed by Federationists from a given 
>state affiliate, we will put the name of that affiliate in a 
>drawing. The winning affiliate will receive a free concert from 
>Jessica. The winning affiliate is responsible for providing the 
>concert venue and the audience, and for doing concert promotion. In 
>addition to covering Jessica's fee, we will cover her travel costs, 
>and the fee for the accompanying musicians. This is more than a 
>$2000 value. The winning affiliate can use the concert as a 
>fundraiser, to which it can sell tickets and sponsorships, or it can 
>use it as entertainment at a state convention. The concert can be 
>jazz, Celtic, classical, or a mixture.
>Details about Jessica's New Album: The new album is called Songs of 
>the Summer Realm. It is Celtic Fusion in style, and it depicts King 
>Arthur as a Servant Leader who has valuable lessons to teach us in 
>the 21st century. Jessica wrote almost all of the music and some of 
>the lyrics, and other lyrics come from some well-known Arthurian legends.
>She even sings a medley of Scottish Gaelic mouth music! Since the 
>album is a Celtic project, we recorded it in the western Scottish 
>Highlands, with the best musicians one can find in Scotland. They 
>included a core band of drums, guitar and pianist; an outstanding 
>piper; and horns, strings, and harp.
>Our goal is to release Songs of the Summer Realm in late August.
>Again, if you would like to get a copy of the album, it would be 
>extremely helpful to us if you would do it through our Kickstarter 
>page. The address is 
>Additionally, you can listen to excerpts of demo versions of some of 
>the songs at Jessica's website at http://www.jessicavictoria.com.
>If you have trouble accessing Kickstarter, or if you have any other 
>questions, please feel free to contact me at jason.ewell at gmail.com, 
>or at 614-937-4066. Your support is greatly appreciated!
>Jason Ewell

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