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Subject: 18th Annual Mock Trial

Hear yee, hear yee, heary, all rise and draw nye for the Honorable 
Court for the District of Wilks-Barre, Pennsylvania will soon be in 
session, the Most Esteemed and Honorable Charles S. Brown presiding!

The National Association  of Blind Lawyers announces the 18th Annual 
Mock Trial which will be held Monday, July 6th in Junior Ballroom G, 
Level 1,   at 4:15 pm inside the beautiful Rosen Center Hotel as part 
of the 75th Annual Convention of the National Federation of the Blind.

This year's trial features an all-star cast including Dr. Marc 
Maurer, Daniel F. Goldstein, Carla McQuillan, Kevan Worley, Haben 
Girma, Ray Wayne, Timothy Elder, Bennett Prows, Anthony Thomas, 
Parnell Diggs, and Scott LaBarre.  The year is 1940, the place 
Wilks-Barre, Pennsylvania.  In fact, it is the 16th of November, 
1940, and Mr. Fred Eration emerges froma local watering hole in a 
most celebratory mood because a brand new organization has just been 
formed, the National Federation of the Blind.  He is walking down a 
city sidewalk and falls in a deep construction ditch where a sign 
warned of the drop off but no barrier had been erected.  He, of 
course, injures himself seriously and can no longer travel around 

The Township of Wilks-Barre will say that they are not liable because 
any reasonable person, one who is sighted, would have seen the 
warning sign.  If that defense won't work, the City argues that Fred 
Eration is automatically negligent because he was wandering around 
without a sighted helper, and even if that argument doesn't work, 
blind individuals who are afflicted with a loss of vision must 
exercise extraordinary care while walking alone without sighted help.

On Mr. Eration's side, his expert witness, Dr. Jacobus tenBroek will 
argue that the blind have a right to live in the world and society 
must practice a policy of integrationism.  Society should expect that 
the blind will be about in the land using a dog, cane, or nothing at 
all to aid travel.  A reasonable city would take reasonable 
precautions to prevent injuries to its blind citizens and visitors.

There will be three witnesses for each side and two lawyers 
representing each party.  The audience will serve as our 
jury.  Attendees of previous Mock Trials will tell you that they are 
both entertaining and  raise important issues.  This year's trial 
travels back to the 1940's and the legal climate that blind people 
faced at that time.  Join us next Monday.  Your jury fee is $5 and 
such funds will help the NABL carry on its good work.

You now may be seated.
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