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Dear NFB Members:

In the Private Sector, between 2002 through 2006,  the U.S. Equal 
Employment Opportunity represent6d Dale Alton, a blind job applicant 
who was discriminated against by a potential employer, EchoStar 
Communications Corp located in Denver Colorado. EEOC's expert witness 
informed the jury that with the
help of JAWS the blind can learn to read four hundred times
faster than normally sighted person.  The jur;y awarded Dale Alton an 
eight million dollar verdict and EEPC provided support
to EchoStar Communications Corp. to install Jaws on its computer 
system. With certainty EEOC' representation resulted in a landmark 
legal precedent that Sreen Readers in particular JAWS is an 
"effective" reasonable accommodation for blind employees.

However, in the Public Sector, I would like to hear from you about
screen readers in federal, state, county, and city government.

Did the particular Screen Reader that you requested work with the 
government issued computer and its intranet?

Did you encounter technical difficulties?

If so, were the technical difficulties fixed?

Did EEOC provide technical support to the
government employer as it did to EchoStar
Communications Corp.?

I want to hear from NFB Members, please
tell me all about your Screen Readers and
government employment experiences.

Thank you,

Carin Memm
(818) 593-9938
<mailto:carinmemm at aol.com>carinmemm at aol.com
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