[Nfbnet-members-list] Get $20 for providing feedback on Social Media

Shiri Azenkot shiri.azenkot at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 03:29:55 UTC 2015

Since you guys seem to like taking surveys so 
well, and the last one is closed ... here is another.



A Cornell University research study is looking to 
improve the experience of blind users with social 
networking services such as Facebook. We are 
studying how blind users connect with their 
networks through these services, in order to 
identify unmet needs and functionality improvements.


We are looking for participants with little to no 
functional vision who use social networking 
services  (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). 
The study will involve an interview through Skype 
or a medium of your choice. The interview will 
take 45 - 60 minutes. We will ask you questions 
about the services that you use, how often you 
use them, and what you typically use them to do.


Participation is voluntary, confidential, and you 
would be free to drop out at any time. You will 
receive a $20 gift card for your time. If you are 
interested, please contact Vio Voykinska at 
<mailto:vv238 at cornell.edu>vv238 at cornell.edu or 
323-369-4328 with questions or to schedule a time for an interview.

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