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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
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Are you a driver or a passenger in your life? Why would anyone ask 
such a question? Find out how several blind persons answered this 
intriguing question by reading the May edition of the Braille Monitor.

Learn some interesting facts about the next President of the National 
Federation of the Blind, Mark Riccobono, in the article entitled 
Taking Control and Becoming a Driver of My Life. His journey is very 
interesting. Mark's invitation to "be a driver" in the Federation is 
especially poignant.

The May Monitor also contains three articles in which other blind 
persons describe how they are the drivers of their lives. In 
Adventuring With My Cane: a Response to Dr. Vermeij, Donna Posont 
describes her views on using her cane to explore nature.

In the article Do Blind People Dream in Color?, readers will 
encounter food for thought in Erin Jepsen's opinion of blindness. 
People who think for themselves certainly drive their own lives.

Terry Rupp, formerly a blind child, a blind student, and a blind 
parent, explains how these experiences are influencing her in her new 
role as the parent of a blind child. Don't miss Terry's article 
Marley and Me Musical Chairs.

As usual, the Monitor also contains interesting news. Read about an 
important victory in Blind Students Will Not Be Left Behind in Common 
Core Testing, Settlement Says, taken from the Huffington Post. Keep 
up with the latest in technology by reading Odin Mobile: A Wireless 
Provider for People Who Are Blind by Robert Felker. The May Monitor 
would not be complete without thoughts on our upcoming National 
Convention. See Dan Hicks' article Make the Scene in 2014 for more information.

The May, 2014 Braille Monitor can be found at:

Sharon Maneki
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