[Nfbnet-members-list] Montana affiliate is offering Montana Beef Stix in Orlando

Rik James montanarikster at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 05:52:31 UTC 2014


Greetings Federationists!

To help our relatively new affiliate grow and help pay for our 
important work, and to sustain all of you throughout the week, The 
National Federation of the Blind of Montana is offering a delightful 
snack item once again at this year's convention.

They will be sold by our affiliate members throughout this wonderful 
historic national convention in Orlando.
We will be selling Montana, beef stix.

They are made from high quality Montana "Angus" Beef, raised near 
Great Falls, Montana. The producer of the beef is the 
distributer.  Each is approximately 1 foot long. And, of course, very 

The 2014 price for Montana Beef Stix at this year's convention is:

or 2 for FIVE DOLLARS.
or a value pack of 4 Montana Beef Stix for only TEN DOLLARS.

Once again, that price is:
$3 - 1 Beef Stick
$5 - 2 Beef Stix
$10 for 4 Beef Stix

For more information at convention, contact one of us.
Perhaps we can arrange a special delivery at your request.
Listen for our voices, calling out to you,  "MONTANA BEEF STIX 
HERE!"  in the hallways outside our glorious meeting rooms and 
convention hallways.

Get them early, you won't want to miss out on this mouth watering tasty snack!
Where's the Beef?  Why, of course....  in Montana!!

Rik James - First Vice President
   montanarikster at gmail.com  -  406.570-3363
Ted Robbins - Treasurer -

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