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Alex Cohen ahc43 at drexel.edu
Thu Jun 26 01:59:57 UTC 2014

My name is Alex Cohen and I am a blind doctoral student in marketing at
Drexel University.  My research focuses primarily on creating a more
inclusive marketplace for the disabled community, specifically for the
visually impaired.  The purpose of this survey is to explore how retail
stores effectively use their environments or atmospherics to provide
information to customers, satisfy them, make them repurchasers, and refer
other customers.  Additionally, we want to find out whether the use of these
environmental cues has a greater impact for the visually impaired customers
leading to a  more inclusive and satisfying shopping experience.

   I have tested the questionnaire and it should work well with JAWS and any
other screen-reading software.  The questions are presented in dropdown
format for a more convenient survey taking experience, and it should take
less than 10 minutes to complete. Although I do not have much in the way of
funding, I will be donating $4.00 to the NFB for each fully completed
survey. I also welcome any comments as to how I may make my questionnaires
more accessible in the future.

I greatly appreciate your kind assistance. The below link will take you
directly to the survey.

Thank you very much!

Alex Cohen

Alex H. Cohen
Doctoral Student
Department of Marketing
LeBow College of Business
Drexel University
3141 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Tel: (215) 292-1455
Fax: (215) 895-6975
ahc43 at drexel.edu
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Yes, write it up with explanation, link, contact info etc., and I will


eAt 07:33 PM 6/24/2014, you wrote:
 >Dear David,
 >My name is Alex Cohen and I am a member of the NFB Keystone Chapter in
 >Philadelphia.  It was suggested to me through the Yahoo group link that
 >I contact you regarding a survey I am trying to administer.  I am a
 >doctoral student in marketing at Drexel University and my research
 >revolves around creating a more inclusive marketplace for the blind.  I
 >need 20-30 blind participants for a test study on retail atmospherics
 >and I am willing to donate $4 for each completed survey.  This is only
 >a test study, and based upon the results I could receive funding to do
 >a national project which could lead to quite a bit more money being
 >contributed to the NFB.  The survey has been tested for accessibility
 >and works well for most screen-readers.  If I provide you with a link
 >to the survey and brief introduction, would you be willing to send this
 >out to your NFB distribution list?
 >I would  greatly appreciate your kind assistance.
 >Warmest Personal Regards,
 >Alex Cohen
 >Ahc43 at drexel.edu

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