[Nfbnet-members-list] 17th Annual Mock Trial

Scott C. LaBarre slabarre at labarrelaw.com
Fri Jun 20 22:33:13 UTC 2014

Hear Yee, Hear Yee, Hear Yee, all draw nye and 
attend the Seventeenth Annual Mock Trial 
sponsored by the National Association of Blind Lawyers!

When?  July 2, 2014
Where?  The Annual Convention of the National 
Federation of the Blind in Orlando, Florida, Rosen Center Hotel.

Here is what the agenda says about the Trial:

4:15 - 5:45 pm­SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL MOCK TRIAL (Admission: $5.00)
Junior Ballroom G, level 1
Federation lawyers oppose each other to enact a 
case addressing the civil rights of blind people, 
and the audience serves as the jury.  The subject 
matter is serious, but the courtroom portrayers are very entertaining.

Indeed, this year we are taking up the case of 
Iza So Hot and Ima Ababe v. Meet Hot Ones Inc., 
Web URL 
Our two plaintiffs, one of each gender, are suing 
Meet Hot Ones Inc. under Title III of the ADA in 
the United States District Court for the District 
of Federation, the Honorable Charles S. Brown 
Presiding.  Our plaintiffs allege that Meet Hot 
Ones Inc.’s dating services are 
inaccessible.  The Defendant operates both a 
dating service on the internet and a mobile 
app.  Plaintiffs assert that neither service is 
accessible with screen reading software or 
voiceover on the iPhone.  Plaintiffs argue that 
Meet Hot Ones is covered by the ADA because it is 
a good or service contemplated by the Act.  They 
allege that Meet Hot Ones Inc. does not exist 
only in cyberspace because the end result of its 
services could be close physical contact.

Meet Hot Ones first argues that it is not covered 
by the ADA because it exists solely in cyberspace 
and that any resulting physical contact is purely 
incidental.  It further asserts that it does 
accommodate the blind in two ways.  First, blind 
customers can call a customer service number to 
get help, 1 800 blind girl.  Also, it operates, 
out of the goodness of its corporate heart, a 
special dating service for the blind, 
This specialized website is only for blind 
persons and does not have nearly the same 
features and functions.  It doesn’t have, of 
course, pictures because blind people don’t care 
about looks.  It is only for blind people because 
it is well known and commonly accepted that blind 
people should only date other blind people.

As you see, we will have a most interesting case 
for our jurors to decide.  Justice must be 
done.  Come join us and render your 
verdict.  Proceeds go to the National Association 
of Blind Lawyers to help in its effort to provide 
continuing legal education and critical 
networking opportunities for blind legal professionals.

See you inCourt!
Scott LaBarre, President
National Association of Blind Lawyers
"Scott C. LaBarre" <slabarre at labarrelaw.com>
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