[Nfbnet-members-list] PAC ING for Convention

Scott C. LaBarre slabarre at labarrelaw.com
Fri Jun 20 22:32:33 UTC 2014

Greetings Fellow Federationists:

This is a friendly reminder to let you know what you should "PAC" for 
convention.  The answer is either your check book, credit card, or 
debit card.  Any of these financial instruments will allow you to 
participate fully in the PAC Plan.  Yes, you heard me right.  We are 
now accepting credit cards or debit cards to get on the PAC plan.  If 
you are currently using your bank account directly, you can change to 
a credit or debit card.  It is entirely up to you.

So what is the PAC Plan for those who do not know.  It is the 
Preauthorized Contribution Plan, not a political Action 
Committee.  We started this plan in 1974 under the name of the Bank 
Draft Charge Plan and it has raised many millions of dollars for the 
Federation since.  It is indeed the 40th birthday of the PAC Plan and 
we need to celebrate in Orlando!

So, what has all this money allowed the Federation to do?  Well, we 
fund our scholarship program, BELL programs, legal advocacy, 
educational programs, and much, much more.  Money given to the PAC 
plan goes to our general treasury and therefore can be used in a 
variety of ways.

How does the program work?  Well, we get either your checking account 
information, credit card, or debit card information and a monthly 
donation is made to the Federation.  You specify the amount of the 
donation and when it will be charged.  Because we have some overhead 
to operate this program such as bank fees etc, the minimum donation 
is five dollars  a month and there is no upper limit.  Federation 
affiliates, chapters, and divisions can also give to the Plan and many do.

We have been doing very well on the PAC Plan but I am not satisfied 
yet.  Currently, monthly donations to the PAC Plan equate to 
approximately $435,000.00 a year for the Federation.  I hope that we 
can drive this to at least $460,000.00 by the end of Convention and 
$500,000.00 by year's end.

We will have the traditional contests in Orlando.  For the affiliate 
that has the highest number of individuals who come back to the PAC 
Table to either raise their pledge or start a new pledge, that 
affiliate will receive the esteemed PAC Rat Award.  For the 
Federation Division or group that has the highest level of activity, 
that entity will receive the venerable PAC Mule Award.  Finally, for 
the affiliate that has the ighest percentage gain in its PAC pledge, 
you will receive the highly sought after PAC-hyderm Award.

Additionally, we have contests for cash drawings as well.  If you 
increase your PAC pledge, your name goes into a drawing for a nice 
cash prize to be drawn at the Banquet.  Similarly, if you start a new 
pledge, your name goes into a cash drawing also to be drawn at the 
Banquet.  I will negotiate with Dr. Maurer at convention about how 
much these drawings should be based on how well we are doing in the 
PAC program.

We will operate the PAC table during the first morning of Convention 
registration in the registration area, Wednesday July 2nd and during 
every general convention session.  The PAC table will be open a half 
an hour before morning convention sessions and a short while before 
afternoon general sessions.  We will close the table during Dr. 
Maurer's Presidential Report and around 3:00pm during the last 
afternoon session to allow us to finalize PAC figures and  tear down 
the tables in preparation for banquet set up.

So, please grab your check book, debit card, or credit card and join 
me in Orlando.  We will continue building the Federation through the 
PAC Plan and have some fun doing it!

Scott LaBarre, Chairman
PAC Plan Committee
"Scott C. LaBarre" <slabarre at labarrelaw.com>

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