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Wed Jun 11 21:57:05 UTC 2014

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Greetings from the Sunshine State!

                 As a native Floridian, I know 
quite a bit about the weather in the Sunshine 
State and thought I would share what I know with 
you! During the month of July, the sun always 
shines during the day in Florida. Sometimes the 
sunshine is the liquid sort and you should expect 
it every day. Though you may be considering 
bringing rain gear with you for our national 
convention, there is no need to do so. NAGDU will 
provide it for you. At the NAGDU table in the 
exhibit hall (B-17) we will have rain ponchos 
emblazoned with the brand new NFB logo. These 
large ponchos measure 52” X 86” and feature a 
very roomy hood. These ponchos are $10 each and 
will definitely keep you dry! We will also be 
selling our 20 oz. Oktoberfest beer steins for 
$5.00, as well as raffle tickets for a very 
unique Blue Tooth Tech package consisting of a 
keyboard, waterproof speaker/microphone, and a 
miniature USB battery charger/flashlight valued 
at $195! Raffle tickets will be $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.

                 The National Federation of the 
Blind is recognized as an innovator in the field 
of blindness. As a strong and proud division of 
the NFB, NAGDU is the leading force in the guide 
dog Movement. During our meeting on July 1, we 
will reflect our heritage with the NFB and our 
leadership in the service animal movement by 
launching an innovative, amazing resource that 
will dramatically change the way guide and other 
service animal users protect their civil rights. 
If you are a guide dog user or interested in 
guide dog users’ issues, you will not want to 
miss this exciting, groundbreaking announcement! 
We will also hear from an expert in Sharia law 
who will discuss the official view of service 
animals under Islamic law and practice.

           On Thursday, July 3, we will hear from 
several guide dog training programs who have 
instituted new programs that are changing the way 
guide dog users undergo training, including 
fast-track training, community training, and 
training that incorporates both residential and 
community training. We are looking forward to a 
packed room, so plan on coming early and staying 
late to mix & mingle with your fellow guide dog 
users and trainers! Both our meetings will be 
held in Salon 3, Level 2 of the rosen Plaza Hotel 
& Convention Center. Registration begins at 6:00 
p.m. and will close at 6:45 p.m. Our meetings will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.

Did you say you’re not able to make the meeting? 
Not so! You can be a part of this exciting pair 
of meetings, even if you’re not in Orlando! This 
year, NAGDU will be streaming our meetings live. 
The live stream will be available from the 
homepage of our website! Simply go to


and find the link to the live stream. Our 
meetings will be held on Tuesday, July 1 and 
Thursday, July 3 beginning at 7:00 p.m. Don’t 
miss a minute of the most dynamic gathering of 
guide dog users in the world and the incredible 
announcement that will be made! If you would like 
to make a contribution to defray the cost of our 
live stream, you can do so by going to our donation page


The National Association of Guide dog Users is 
the leader in guide and service animal policy, 
education, and advocacy for guide dog users! We 
are also the most dynamic, innovative, and 
energetic organization of guide dog users in the 
world! Our influence and strength are the result 
of our robust membership.   If you are not a 
member of NAGDU or one of its affiliate 
divisions, you are invited to join our ranks and 
support our goal of Living the Life You Want as a 
guide dog user. Membership in the National 
Association of guide dog Users also makes you a 
member of the National Federation of the Blind. 
Joining is painless and simple. Our dues are only 
$5.00 annually and you can join and pay your dues 
online. For more information about joining NAGDU, please go to


           Don’t forget about the NAGDU 
Information & Advocacy Hotline where you can hear 
information about service animal laws and 
regulations, as well as connect to a live 
advocate who can help you in the event you face 
access problems because of your guide dog. You 
can call the Hotline 24/7 by calling 888-NAGDU411 
(888-624-3841). The Hotline recently received a 
sizable grant from Twilio Cloud Communications to 
support the Hotline for years to come. Thanks to 
Twilio for their generosity and support of this valuable resource!

           Finally, you are invited to read our 
NAGDU blog – Harness Up! You can read the blog 
and sign up for notifications when new posts are published by going to


           I look forward to seeing you in 
Orlando or having you participate on our live 
stream. If you have any questions, do not 
hesitate to get in touch with me. My contact information is below my signature.

`Fraternally yours,

Marion Gwizdala, President

National Association of Guide dog Users Inc.

National Federation of the Blind

Office: 813-626-2789

Hotline: 888-NAGDU411 (888-624-3841

<mailto:Info at nagdu.org>Info at nagdu.org


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