[Nfbnet-members-list] Recruiting for the NFB Communications Committee

Robert Leslie Newman newmanrl at cox.net
Mon Jan 20 23:13:04 UTC 2014

Recruiting for the NFB Communications Committee

The NFB Communications committee is one of the two original 
committees formed at the conception of the National Federation of the 
Blind (membership was the other). Our mission is to consider 
questions dealing with the Braille Monitor, state newsletters, and 
the total range of communications and information throughout our movement.

We need a few new good members who have an interest in 
communications, a passion for the mission of the NFB, and can commit 
to giving of their talent and time to our part of changing what it 
means to be blind.

What we have accomplished over the past three years:

#1 Sought out all NFB affiliate and divisional publications. 
Communicate with editors, find out their needs, encourage them to 
join the NFB-Editors listserv, share everyone's publications, etc.

#2 Surveyed all NFB affiliate and divisional websites. Found eleven 
affiliates were not on the WWW, communicated with them about their 
needs. Put together a proposal to offer a free domain, and initial 
webmaster service, and training for a webmaster of their choice. All 
fifty-two affiliates are now up. (Four affiliates got themselves up, 
we assisted seven. We are still the webmaster of five of them)

#3 Made a survey of all affiliates total communications efforts. 
Cataloged, categorized and grouped the types of method and tools 
being used, and shared them with all affiliates, divisions, and chapters.

#4 Created a Facebook Trainer Team to reach out and encourage and 
assist affiliates, divisions, and chapters to utilize Facebook to 
promote themselves and NFB.
#5 Assisted the Affiliate Action Team to get all affiliate and 
division websites to post the notice for our new national fund 
raiser, the vehicle donation program. (Started with twenty-one 
affiliates had it up, now we have forty-seven, with a commitment to 
do so from the remainder)

#6 At convention we host a workshop. We base the theme on what 
appears to be the current needs of those NFB communication players 
who are looking for solutions and/or a forum to share ideas.

If you are interested, please contact me personally. My preferred 
avenue for our first communication would be by phone at 402-660-1743. 
Though, email is acceptable, at newmanrl at cox.net

Note: Don't join, if you cannot commit some creative time and effort 
to our job. Not to scare anyone away, I'm just serious about this 
committee being worthy of its mission.

Robert Leslie Newman
Personal Website-
NFB Writers' Division, President
Division Website-
Chair, NFB Communications Committee
Nebraska Senior Division, vice President
Omaha Chapter First vice President

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