[Nfbnet-members-list] New List for Ohio

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Feb 25 11:37:08 UTC 2014

I am pleased to be able to announce a new list here on 
nfbnet.org.  It is OAGDU, the Ohio Association of Guide Dog Users 
list.  Here is some information about the list, taken from its 
introductory page:

Welcome to the Ohio Association of Guide Dog Users (OAGDU) list!
This is a list for Ohioans who are current guide dog users, have had 
guide dogs, or are interested in getting a guide dog. Anyone who has 
an interest in guide dogs is also welcome to join. The purpose of 
this list is to provide guide dog users and other interested people 
with important information about guide dogs and to assist people in 
dealing with issues related to working with a guide dog.
Topics can include:  the benefits and disadvantages of using a guide 
dog, guide dog training programs, care of a guide dog, equipment, 
puppy raising, training, public access issues, housing issues, and 
legislation as it affects guide dog users. We will also discuss OAGDU 
business, fundraising projects, advocacy work, and any other issues 
concerning guide and other service dogs. Please try to stay on topic 
with this list, guide dog and blindness related conversation only.
OAGDU is an affiliate division of the National Association of Guide 
Dog Users, and the National Federation of the Blind.
This list is moderated by Marianne Denning.
She will handle questions and problems concerning the content of this 
list. You can send an email to Marianne at:
Marianne at denningweb.com

To subscribe to the list either go to:


or send e-mail to oagdu-request at nfbnet.org and put the word subscribe 
on the subject line by itself.

David Andrews

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