[Nfbnet-members-list] Fwd: New e-mail functions for NFB-NEWSLINE

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri Feb 14 03:45:05 UTC 2014

>From: Scott White <swhite at nfb.org>
>To: David Andrews <dandrews at visi.com>
>Subject: New e-mail functions for NFB-NEWSLINE
>Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 22:02:04 -0500 (EST)
>You are receiving this communication because you are subscribed to 
>the NFB-NEWSLINE audio information source.
>February 13, 2014
>A New E-mail Feature added to NFB-NEWSLINE for telephone and Web 
>News on Demand users
>The E-Mail system on NFB-NEWSLINE has been modified to allow you to 
>send a section of a publication or the full text of a publication 
>directly to your E-Mail in box.
>For a number of years, you have been able to press the pound nine 
>key while listening to a publication article and have it sent to you 
>via e-mail for your personal use Now NFB-NEWSLINE has released a new 
>feature that will still allow you to receive that publication 
>article like you have grown to enjoy. , and in addition you can now 
>have the full publication or a section of that publication sent to 
>you via e-mail as well!
>Here is how it works on the telephone, navigate to an article of the 
>publication of interest and press the pound key, followed by the 
>nine key you will now be presented with a menu that will have three 
>options. After pressing pound nine, you will hear a prompt saying, 
>Please indicate which part of this content you would like to receive 
>by e-mail. In order to get the text of the current article sent to 
>you in the body of an e-mail, press 2, In order to get the full 
>section that contains the article that you are listening to sent to 
>you via e-mail, press 3, And in order to get the full publication 
>containing all the articles for that issue delivered to your in box, 
>press 4. Finally, press the 1 key to verify your email address and 
>return back to the article that you were reading, prior to pressing 
>the pound nine key combination.
>Those of you using the NFB-NEWSLINE Online Service to read your 
>publications on Web News on Demand can also e-mail full copies of 
>the publications and full sections of those publications to 
>yourselves. To have the entire full publication sent to you in 
>e-mail, select your publication of interest and then click on the 
>E-mail full paper or E-mail full magazine link, depending on the 
>type of publication that you are reading. Now if you wish only a 
>specific section of a publication, first select the publication of 
>interest, followed by the selection of the particular section 
>desired, next click on the full section link that contains the name 
>of the section that you wished to be e-mailed to you. Finally, click 
>on the E-mail section link which will cause NFB-NEWSLINE to send the 
>e-mail to your in box.
>No matter if you have the e-mail sent to you by using the telephone 
>system or Web News on Demand, the e-mail that you receive when you 
>request a full publication or a section of a publication will come 
>to you with one compressed zip file attached.
>The next step is to open the compressed zip file attachment, once 
>the zip file is opened, you will see another file inside that is the 
>actual newspaper. This file may or may not have a .htm extension, 
>depending on the configuration setup of your computer. Now you need 
>to open the actual publication file by pressing enter on it after it 
>has been selected. When this file opens a box will pop up telling 
>you that this is a password protected file, please enter your 
>password. The password will be unique to each subscriber, and 
>consist of your six digit identification code, followed by a dash 
>and your security code. There are no spaces in this password. For 
>example, my identification code is 028272 and my security code is 
>4265. Therefore, my unique individual password is 028272-4265.
>The publication file that you just opened by using your password can 
>be navigated by the heading commands of your screen access software. 
>For instance, press the h key to move around to the different 
>sections and articles contained in this publication. Depending on 
>the screen access software that you are using on your computer, you 
>may have more navigation options available to you.
>These e-mail publications are solely intended for your personal use 
>and should not be shared with others under any circumstances. To do 
>so, violates our agreements with publishers and may cause you to 
>lose NFB-NEWSLINE privileges.
>For further assistance on using the new modified e-mail system or 
>any other feature of NFB-NEWSLINE, please call 866-504-7300.
>We hope that you enjoy using this new feature and welcome your feedback.
>Scott White
>Director of NFB-NEWSLINE

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