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To Whom It May Concern;

For many years, Worley Enterprises has had a keen 
interest in developing health, wellness, 
employment, and quality of life programs for 
employees, customers, and special population 
sectors. After consulting with colleagues and 
business partners, and non-profits with whom 
we've had the pleasure of working over the years, 
we have decided to launch a new, robust health 
and wellness initiative. The Affordable Health 
Care Act, implementing guidelines and possible 
regulations in the area of healthy concessions on 
government properties, as well as the need for 
the Randolph-Sheppard community to respond 
effectively to these new realities also makes a 
program of this type necessary and timely. Worley 
Enterprises has the capacity and connections to 
provide the Randolph-Sheppard community 
appropriate training, consulting, and marketing 
services. However, this will be only one 
component of our “Living Wellness” project. This 
project has been in research stage for several 
months. It is our intention to hire a director 
for this new program immediately and begin 
significant development by early January. 
Attached, please find a job announcement. Email 
serious inquiries to Cheryl Gross, Director of 
Special Projects, 
<mailto:Cheryl.gross at worleyenterprises.com>Cheryl.gross at worleyenterprises.com.

Job Title: Program Director

Worley Enterprises seeks a dynamic, creative, and 
energetic project director to lead  our newly 
launched national “living wellness” initiative. 
This person will be responsible for developing 
program and serving as the face of the 
initiative. The ideal candidate will be 
well-versed in exercise and nutrition and possess 
a deep desire to acincrease health and wellness 
among persons with disabilities, seniors, and 
at-risk populations. This position will require:

·         Develop exercise and nutrition consultation programs
·         Conduct exercise and nutrition training
·         Perform motivational speaking engagements
·         Work closely with company procurement 
personnel to research and procure contracts and grants
·         Build partnerships within the community 
to further the scope of the health and wellness initiative
·         Supervise staff and volunteers
·         Design and implement health and wellness related research
·         Grow the WE team health and wellness 
initiative through marketing and development

·         Master’s Degree or higher in Nutrition, 
Exercise Science, or  related field
·         Possession of, or ability to sit, for 
certification as a personal trainer, recreational 
therapist, or nutrition specialist from a notable accreditation agency
·         5 years experience working with 
individuals with disabilities, senior citizens, or at-risk populations
·         3 years experience directing programs preferred
·         Excellent oral and written communication
·         Ability to organize and supervise diverse teams
·         Experience using social media platforms 
such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,  YouTube and other relevant outlets
·         Exceptional interpersonal skills
·         Knowledge of research design and statistical analysis
·         Willingness to travel and work a non-conventional schedule

Salary: $60,000-69,000 per year commensurate with education and experience.

Benefits Summary:
Worley Enterprises offers a generous benefits 
package including health insurance, dental 
insurance, and vacation/personal time.

About the WE Team:
Worley Enterprises, the WE team, founded in 1992 
in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a 
community-based, family-owned service 
organization with the capacity to manage large, 
diverse operations nationwide through our network 
of corporate teaming partners both profit and 
non-profit. These partners provide our team with 
targeted and strategic support, thus increasing 
our capacity to handle contracts of any scope or 
size. WE is launching a new nation-wide health 
and wellness initiative which will help the 
Randolph-Sheppard blind vendor community and its 
customers, persons with disabilities, senior 
citizens, and at-risk populations discover better 
living through nutrition and exercise. The WE 
team is headed by a CEO licensed as a blind 
vendor in the state of Colorado. The company is 
certified 8(a) by the Small Business Administration.

Email serious inquiries to Cheryl Gross, Director 
of Special Projects, Cheryl.gross at worleyenterprises.com.

At Your Service,

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