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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Tue Aug 12 17:38:55 UTC 2014

>I have been asked to circulate the following:


>I am doing a thesis under Dr. Richard Tewksbury on sexual 
>victimization amongst blind people.  I would appreciate the 
>opportunity to distribute my survey through the National Federation 
>of the Blind as a way to reach a vast majority of a diverse group of 
>blind people throughout the nation.  My thesis request comes from 
>reasons of obtaining information regarding sexual victimization and 
>enhancing research that has never been done before amongst the blind 
>community.  The survey is comprised of no more than 30 questions and 
>will include questions regarding demographics, sexual victimized 
>oriented questions, and also court proceedings that may have 
>followed afterwards.  This body of literature has little to no prior 
>research and could open for further research on possible policy 
>implementations for safety of blind people, help gain insight to 
>determine if blind individuals are susceptible to being a victim of 
>heinous crimes, and potentially open a field of research that could 
>be comparable to other research with further physical disabilities 
>and their potential to be taken advantage of due to their 
>blindness.  I look forward to the possible opportunity of enhancing 
>not only the academic knowledge and research but, also the ability 
>to gain a better understanding of whether or not sexual 
>victimization does or does not occur with blind people comparable to 
>that of the sighted literature that is already well established 
>through prior research of Dr. Tewksbury and his colleagues on 
>inmates, the general society, and college students.
>I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate the opportunity 
>you would be giving myself and many others for future research, 
>educational value in this particular field of study, and proper 
>advancements in focusing more research on safety, the potential 
>threat of predatory factors, and an overall understanding on how 
>this may or may not effect the blind community as a whole.
>Thank you again,
>Derek allen
>MSJA Student
>University of Louisville
>Briggman Hall
>>"Derek Allen" <derekallen86 at gmail.com>
>         David Andrews and long white cane Harry.
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