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Robert Leslie Newman newmanrl at cox.net
Wed Aug 6 16:58:15 UTC 2014

Omaha, Nebraska NFB Chapter has Blindness Access Equipment for Sale!!!

The following six items come from the generous 
donation by the estate of the late, Henry Vetter; former Omaha Chapter member.

Purchasing Note: First point- Our asking price 
for each item is what we want, however, we are 
willing to bend
some. Second- The cost for 
shipping will be added to the price you pay for the item.

If you have an interest, write or call me: Robert 
Leslie Newman; email 
<mailto:newmanrl at cox.net>newmanrl at cox.net; phone 402-660-1743

*#1 OpenBook software: it is version 9, the current release.
(There is a $75.00 fee to get a legal title and 
useable key to this existing registered license.)
-Current Pricing from Freedom Scientific is: $995.00
--Our asking price: $400.00 (You then also pay 
the $75.00 to change the registration through Pat 
Fischer of Accessibility Dot Net, 402-491-3191

*#2JAWS (Job Access With Speech) software- current version 15
---Current pricing from Freedom Scientific for JAWS Standard: $895
--Our asking price: $400.00 (You then also pay 
the $75.00 to change the registration through Pat 
Fischer of Accessibility Dot Net, 402-491-3191

*#3 PAC Mate Omni™, QWERTY style keyboard, with 
20 cell display; maybe 6 years old. Reasonable 
condition. Has a canvas carrying case. Also, an 
add-on feature- Scan-Talker 2.0.A bar code reader.
This PAC Mate is the current model being sold.
-Current pricing from Freedom Scientific for the PAC Mate: $2,390
-Current pricing for the Scan-Talker: $985.00
-Our asking price: $600.00 for the total package.

Description for the ScanTalker:
ScanTalker enables users who are blind to 
independently access in speech and braille 
information about products they purchase.

ScanTalker users can identify common items found 
on store shelves using the UPC bar code on the 
product labels. The Metrologic omni-directional, 
USB-powered handheld bar code reader included 
with ScanTalker is easy for a blind person to 
use. Simply point the reader at the product, and 
the bar code is scanned regardless of its orientation relative to the reader.

ScanTalker’s built-in database contains over 1.2 
million UPC codes in the following categories:
•More than 285,000 grocery and over-the-counter pharmaceutical items
•More than 320,000 CDs and DVDs
•More than 90,000 health and beauty items
•More than 500,000 general merchandise goods

*#4 Classic, Perkins Braille Writer; 2-3 years 
old; very good shape, with cover.
(This model is no longer sold)
-current Pricing by Perkins: $735.00
-Our asking price- $400.00

*#5 Classic, PLEXTalk, a digital recorder; maybe 
10 years old. (Takes a compact memory card disk)
-Price when new- $900.00
-Our asking price- $150.00

*#6 iBill, Talking Banknote Identifier (Version 
1): From- Products for the Blind and Visually Impaired - Orbit Research
-Price when purchased: $98.00 (new version 2 price: $119.00)
-Our Price: $20.00

It will recognize all our currency. Gives you the 
denomination in 1 second. Can speak the result, 
or can be changed to a vibration or tone to present the results.

Robert Leslie Newman
Personal Website-
President, NFB Writers' Division
Division Website-
Chair, NFB Communications Committee
Vice President, Nebraska Senior Division
First Vice President, Omaha Chapter
Commissioner, Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired

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