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Sat Jun 29 20:29:00 UTC 2013

    On behalf of the National Federation of the 
Blind, Community Service Group, I am pleased to 
Present to you  the agenda for the 2013 community 
service seminar entitled "Attitude" "".
 >    note that while the  convention agenda 
indicates a 7:45 PM start time, 7:45 is when 
registration begins and 8 PM is when the program gets underway.
 > If you want to take the service buzz to 
twitter, you can simply use the #nfbservice13 hashtag
 >  and share  your thoughts and accounts  from 
what should be a very informative, inspiring and motivating seminar!
 >   Below and attached is  the agenda.  I hope 
you will spread the word and as well, join  us.
 >   I wish you safe travels  and look forward to seeing you on July 1.
 >   See you in Orlando!

 > Attitude

 > 8:00 - 10:00 pm, Salon 16, level 2 (registration begins at 7:45 pm)

 > 8:00: Welcome
 > Darian Smith, chairperson, Community Service Group

 > 8:05: Service: From Requirement to Passion
 > Kaiti Shelton, secretary, Ohio Association of 
Blind Students, Cincinnati, Ohio

 > 8:15: Championing Service: The Streams of Service and the Doors They Open
 > Hue Jacobs, State Program Specialist, Corporation for National and Community
 > Service, Florida State Office
 > John (Jack) Jordan, Private Attorney and Former AmeriCorps Member

 > 8:35: Group Gain and Give Back (pick a group 
and be ready to share your findings)

 > 1. How to get your chapter involved in service 
projects via buy-in and teamwork
 > Mary Ann Mendez, board member, North Central Chapter, National Federation of
 > the Blind of Louisiana, Ruston, Louisiana

 > 2. Working with difficult agencies/being turned away
 > Arielle Silverman, board member, Boulder 
Valley chapter, National Federation of
 > the Blind of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

 > 	3. Further discussion on national service programs
 > 	Hue Jacobs

 > 8:55: Fostering a Culture of Service: How a 
Blindness Agency Involves the Blind in
 > Serving the Community
 > Jamey Gump, Youth Service Coordinator, 
Lighthouse for the blind and visually impaired, San Francisco, California

 > 9:05: Equal Rights, Equal Responsibility, Equal Service
 > Anil Lewis, Director of Advocacy and Policy, 
National Federation of the Blind,
 > Baltimore, Maryland

 > 9:15: From Roofs to Reception Desks: How Self-advocacy’s the Key
 > 	Kathryn Webster, Greenwich, Connecticut
 > Somaya Tarin, secretary, Arizona Association 
of Blind Students, Mesa, Arizona

 > 9:30: Success in AmeriCorps, Success in the Federation
 > 	Sam Gleese, board member, National Federation 
of the Blind; president, National
 > Federation of the Blind of Mississippi, Jackson, Mississippi

 > 9:40: The Skills Get Me Ready, the Desire 
Makes Me Willing, the Philosophy Says I'm Able
 > 	Tony Olivero, Chair, Research and Development 
Committee, National Federation
 > of the Blind; legislative coordinator, National Federation of the Blind of
 > Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska

 > 9:50: Wrap up
 > Darian Smith, chairperson, Community Service Group

 > Darian Smith
 > Chairperson, Community Service Group -National Federation  of The Blind.
 > (415)215-9809
 > dsmithnfb at gmail.com
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