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On Wednesday, June 19, at 8:00 pm, eastern,  Thru Our Eyes host, Joe Ruffalo
will interview Mark Riccobono, Executive Director, Jernigan 
Institute, National Federation
of the Blind, Baltimore, Maryland.

Discussion will highlight the programs, projects, objectives of the Jernigan
In addition, the national convention activities, the importance of chapter
and membership building and the next steps to continue to change what it
means to be blind will be featured.

Please call in with your questions and or comments at the following:
1 888 572 0141

How can I access this show, you may ask. . .

Now you can listen live via phone so tell those you know without an internet

To listen to the live show via phone, call:
1 347 215 7037.


To listen/view log into:

or for JAWS and other screen reader users:

Click/Enter on the listen to get the audio only or go a bit further down the
page for the view and click/enter there for audio and video

To listen to the live show via phone, call:
1 347 215 7037.

To phone in with a suggestion, comment, or just a shout out:
1 888 572 0141

To get any podcasts:
Audio podcasts:

Video Podcasts:

Hope all can join us this Wednesday, June 19 at 8:00 pm, eastern for 
an educational, informational and inspirational interview to change 
what it means to be blind.

We care, we share, we grow, we make a difference!
Joe Ruffalo, President
National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey

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