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Jessica Beecham jbeecham at cocenter.org
Fri Jun 14 00:51:42 UTC 2013

Chapter and division leaders,

We are excited to invite you to the MEMBERSHIP 
BARRIERS.  It will be held on Tuesday, July 2 
from 7:45 – 9:00PM in Signature 2 Room, level 2. 
You will have lots of choices as to how to spend 
your Tuesday evening, but if you are interested 
in a dynamic exchange of ideas between local 
leaders of our movement, this is the seminar for you.

Because the Federation is a grass roots movement, 
nurturing and growing our chapter and divisions 
is what makes us thrive.  As local leaders, it is 
important to have modern day approaches to 
growing our chapters, divisions, and 
affiliates.  This seminar will be PARTICIPANT 
DRIVEN so please send us your input and ideas.

Along with discussions about growing our 
affiliates through At Large Chapters, entering 
the world of social media, the importance of 
personal attention, growing our Hispanic 
membership, and other exciting topics, we will be 
collecting YOUR questions.  We want to know what 
to help answer your questions about chapter, 
division, and affiliate growth.  Please send your 
questions to me at 
<mailto:jbeecham at nfbco.org>jbeecham at nfbco.org by 
June 25th.  I will be compiling the questions for 
the committee so that we can be prepared with the 
most effective answers to your questions.

We are also interested to know what tools and 
support you our your chapter need from the 
national office that are not currently 
available.  If you have suggestions in advance of 
convention please send them to 
<mailto:jerniganinstitute at nfb.org>jerniganinstitute at nfb.org. 
You may also bring your ideas with you to the 
meeting in Braille on index cards.

We look forward to having each of you and your 
awesome ideas and input in the meeting!  Don’t 
forget to e-mail me your questions!  Because 
chapter, division, and affiliate growth is vital 
to the livelihood of this organization, I believe 
it is crucial that chapter, division, and 
affiliate presidents and/or other key chapter, 
division, and affiliate leaders are in 
attendance.  I will be at the meeting and am 
excited to hear the chapter development tips and 
tricks that each of you have to share.

Best Wishes

Jessica Beecham

Jessica Beecham
Chapter and Community Development Coordinator
National Federation of the Blind of Colorado
2233 West Shepperd Ave.
Littleton, CO 80210
<mailto:jbeecham at cocenter.org>jbeecham at cocenter.org
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