[Nfbnet-members-list] Win a Free new Victor Stream from BlindHow.com

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Sat Feb 16 23:07:00 UTC 2013

>Subject: Free new Victor Stream from BlindHow.com

>The NFB of Utah, the creator of BlindHow.com is excited to announce its
>contest for the new Victor Stream from HumanWare!  For those not familiar
>with this site, BlindHow is your one-stop online resource for finding
>answers or sharing knowledge related to any topic regarding blindness &
>visual impairment. BlindHow.com allows for community members to view and
>share video, audio, or written tutorials and information on a myriad of
>topics regarding blindness and visual impairment.
>We need parents to share their hints and tips, educators/teachers of the
>blind to share their successes, and Blind/Visually impaired individuals to
>share their experiences to be a resource to each other. There are already
>over 575 articles/tutorials and questions. Our goal?  A kajillion.   Sharing
>is caring!  So if you don't have a blindhow account, join today. It is free
>and easy.
>We are running a contest as an incentive for you to post your articles!
>Here is how it works: Points are awarded for submitting content (can be a
>question, an article, a link, a video or an audio tutorial) to the site.
>One point is awarded for questions posted for others to answer in the
>community questions category, two points are awarded  for posting articles
>or tutorials from other sources, and seven points are awarded for posting
>original content. For every point received, your name goes into the drawing
>once. So if you accumulate ten points between now and the end of April, you
>have ten chances to win the victor stream.  Your chances of winning increase
>exponentially with every point you earn! There is no limit to the number of
>submissions, but each submission must be approved before it is posted and
>points are awarded.
>Here is what HumanWare has to say about the new Stream:
>"The new Stream's slim, sleek, compact design makes it 28% smaller than its
>predecessor and features rounded corners to make it more comfortable to
>hold. Yet, it retains the popular tactile keypad access, and simple
>bookshelf navigation. The new lightweight and compact Victor Reader Stream
>delivers hours of listening pleasure anywhere!
>"The new Victor Reader Stream features an improved, louder speaker, improved
>text-to-speech from Acapela, improved recording capabilities, faster USB
>transfers, and 32-gigabyte capacity SD cards, plus it easily connects to
>flash drives. And it offers the Softpak features of full stereo recordings,
>EPUB2 unprotected books, DOCX support, MP4 and iTunes M4A files, plus a
>built-in clock.
>"Imagine having a multimedia library in your pocket! You could have the
>latest novels, magazines, your favorite music, audio described films, texts,
>and your own voice recordings all in the palm of your hand. The new Victor
>Reader Stream can deliver content from your favorite sources, including
>DAISY, NLS, Bookshare, Learning Ally plus music from iTunes and more. Now
>imagine integrated Wi-Fi for automatic software updates and future online
>features such as book downloads! The new Victor Reader Stream with wireless
>capabilities opens the door to greater independence."
>Are you as excited as we are? Then get a-posting!  This contest begins
>immediately running from February through the end of April. We will draw the
>winner for the new victor stream at the State Convention of the National
>Federation of the Blind of Utah the first weekend in May.
>To submit your post log into blindhow.com and click on the submit link. The
>points will be awarded as follows:
>. Submit a question to the community questions. 1 point
>. Submit content from another source. 2 points
>. Submit original content. 7 points
>Guidelines for Submitting Appropriate Content: This website promotes a
>positive view on blindness with the intent to inspire others to strive for
>and reach higher expectations for themselves and for others. This is not a
>forum for gripe sessions, although well-articulated criticism may be
>Please do not take offense if an article or piece of content is not
>accepted. If you feel that your article or other content was unfairly
>declined then please email us at admin at blindhow.com, and your article will
>receive a second consideration.
>For questions, suggestions, or input please email: admin at blindhow.com
>Please FORWARD this to other parents, teachers of the visually impaired,
>other blind/visually impaired teens or adults.  This incentive program is
>open to everyone.
>Good luck,
>The BlindHow Team

>From: "Adam Rushforth" <adam at rushforth.org>

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