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Fellow Federationists,

This is your last chance to decide which chapter or affiliate will be 
this year's Meet the Blind Month Innovative Event Challenge winner. 
Please visit the <http://www.nfb.org/meet-blind-month>Meet the Blind 
Month homepage to see the list of qualifying events. You can then 
cast your vote by contacting Mika Baugh by phone at (410) 659 9314, 
extension 2371, or by E-mail to 
<mailto:mbaugh at nfb.org>mbaugh at nfb.org. For your convenience, the list 
of events has also been included at the end of this message. Voting 
will be open through 5 p.m. Friday November 30 so be on the lookout 
in early December for the official Innovative Event Challenge winner!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in Meet the Blind Month!

Kind Regards,

Mika Baugh

Outreach, Jernigan Institute


200 East Wells Street

                 at Jernigan Place

Baltimore, MD 21230

(410) 659 9314, extension 2371

<mailto:mbaugh at nfb.org>mbaugh at nfb.org

Innovative Event Challenge Qualifying Events

Event A

Chapter: Sponsored by the Colorado Center for the Blind, NFB of Colorado
Description: Come and see how we spend the day learning and 
practicing blindness skills at the Colorado Center for the Blind! 
Learn about Braille, access technology, alternative techniques used 
in the woodshop, cane travel, and why we wear sleep-shades. Our Open 
House will be filled with demonstrations and provide you with a whole 
new understanding of the abilities of blind people.

Event B

Chapter: Sponsored by the NFB of Georgia
Description: Blind students in the Smyrna, Georgia area will make 
several presentations on blindness to their peers in kindergarten 
through fifth grade. Students collaborated and voted on their Meet 
the Blind Month activities. Students voted to discuss Braille, 
independence, and to demonstrate their access technology.

Event C

Chapter: Fountain City Chapter, NFB of Georgia
Description: In cooperation with the Accessible Services Department 
of the Chattahoochee Regional Library and Country's Barbecue, the NFB 
of Georgia, Fountain City Chapter, will support a screening of the 
film "Going Blind." This is a portrayal of one person's experience 
with losing his sight. The Federation will participate in a panel 
discussion following the film and distribute information and 
applications for its mentoring program.

Event D

Chapter: Indianapolis Chapter, NFB of Indiana
Description: Members will participate in a White Cane Day celebration 
at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. As part of 
the event, some members will speak to the students about the 
importance of the long white cane and the NFB's effort in passing the 
White Cane Law in Indiana.

Event E

Chapter: Sponsored by the NFB of Iowa
Description: NFB members from the state of Iowa will attend a court 
hearing on the merging of programs for blind and deaf youth in the 
state. The NFB of Iowa president will testify to the importance of 
specialized programs for blind youth in the state. Other members will 
attend in support of this testimony and to demonstrate the importance 
of an equal and appropriate education for blind students.

Event F

Chapter: Sponsored by the NFB of Iowa
Description: The president of the NFB of Iowa will be interviewed by 
a local television station regarding the purchase of inaccessible 
voting machines by 11 counties in the state of Iowa. The interview 
will be an opportunity to provide education about blindness as well 
as a chance to share information about the NFB.

Event G

Chapter: North Central Chapter, NFB of Louisiana
Description: Members will participate in the 19th Annual Northeast 
Louisiana Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. By participating in the 
event and giving back to the community, members will demonstrate that 
the blind are equal members of society.

Event H

Chapter: North Central Chapter, NFB of Louisiana
Description: As part of a community effort to plant trees and 
beautify a local park, members will create Braille labels and 
descriptions for 30 trees in the park. The Braille labels will appear 
alongside the print labels and descriptions of the trees. Once this 
project is complete, the chapter plans to plant its own tree in the park.

Event I

Chapter: North Central Chapter, NFB of Louisiana
Description: Members will attend and participate in an open house 
held by a local food pantry and clothing assistance mission. Members 
have volunteered at the food pantry before, and will continue to 
support this local nonprofit.

Event J

Chapter: North Central Chapter, NFB of Louisiana
Description: The chapter will host a fundraising carwash near a 
popular restaurant. Proceeds will go to the North Central Chapter. 
This event serves to increase public awareness of the capabilities of 
blind people.

Event K

Chapter: Greater Baltimore Chapter, NFB of Maryland
Description: Chapter members will compete in an accessible sailing 
competition. The chapter will field two heats of blind sailors. The 
chapter will also participate in the fundraising effort for the 
Downtown Sailing Center, with whom we partnered to make this event possible.

Event L

Chapter: Greater Baltimore Chapter, NFB of Maryland
Description: After our monthly chapter meeting, members will travel 
to the Inner Harbor (a highly populated tourist attraction) to 
participate in a flash mob! Friends, family, and community members 
are invited to attend as we demonstrate the capacity and creativity 
of the blind!

Event M

Chapter: Kansas City Chapter, NFB of Missouri
Description: Chapter members will volunteer at a local food pantry.

Event N

Chapter: Kansas City Chapter, NFB of Missouri
Description: Chapter members will host a battery drive for a local 
nonprofit that supports blind and low vision children.

Event O

Chapter: Capitol City Chapter, NFB of Oregon
Description: Members will hold an art access event at the Yost 
Gallery in Salem, Oregon. During guided tours, chapter members will 
educate museum staff and the general public about the issues faced by 
blind people as well as the positive impact of the NFB.

Event P

Chapter: Rose City Chapter, NFB of Oregon
Description: Members will host a "White Cane Walk" in downtown 
Oregon. Sighted members of the public will be paired with a blind 
"guide" and offered the chance to learn how to use a long white cane. 
Participants will learn that traveling as a blind person is not 
difficult or amazing; rather, it is simply done using alternative 
techniques. The chapter will also partner with another local 
nonprofit that aims to increase the "walkability" of the Portland area.

Event Q

Chapter: Happy Valley Chapter, NFB of Pennsylvania
Description: The chapter will collaborate with the Pennsylvania 
Association of Blind Students to participate in the Penn State 
University homecoming parade. Members will ride "conversation 
bicycles," which hold up to 6 people.

Event R

Chapter: Austin Chapter, NFB of Texas
Description: The chapter will host a fashion show performed by 
successful blind individuals. Blind models will model clothing 
borrowed from local and chain clothing stores and boutiques.

Event S

Chapter: Sponsored by NFB of Utah in partnership with Megaplex Theaters
Description: The NFB of Utah is partnering with Megaplex Theaters to 
promote positive images of blindness in the community and the newly 
installed Descriptive Video Service (DVS) at all Megaplex Theaters. 
The affiliate will hold events at four different theater locations 
throughout the month of October.

Event T

Chapter: Peninsula Chapter, NFB of Virginia
Description: Chapter members will visit the Virginia Living Museum. 
Members will participate in a museum tour and thereby demonstrate 
that blind people can and do participate in all sorts of activities.

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