[Nfbnet-members-list] Joinn the NFB Washington Seminar Heytell Public Relay on iOS or Android

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Thu Feb 2 19:30:55 UTC 2012

Joinn the NFB Washington Seminar Heytell Public Relay on iOS or Android

A Heytell public relay has been activated, and users of Apple iOS and
Android devices can now begin joining! This post and any further
updates is also available on the web at:

A “Heytell public relay,” is an open audio chat forum, which is
similar to a party line. It can be used to build community at an
event like #NFBWS12, and also for official and unofficial late
breaking announcements. Keep in mind it is an open and public forum.
Heytell is a cross platform application that enables voice chats,
which are somewhat like audio text messages, for users of Apple iOS
and Android devices.

The steps to join the relay are as follows:

Step 1: Be sure your Apple iOS or Android device has the Heytell
application, and that you have checked for updates in the app store or
market to ensure most current version. The app can be downloaded via
the link below, and if installing it as a new user you will
automatically get the most recent version:


Step 2: Once you are with in 70 miles of the Holiday Inn Capitol,
click the link below which takes you to a web page about the public
relay. Click on the “tap to join,” option, and it should open the
Heytell application and add you to the relay. An audio message will
play at that time giving you more information on how to use the relay:

Step 3: You may want to use the “Friend or Block,” button in Heytell
to add the relay as a friend to ensure it gets saved. Also, adjust
your Heytell privacy settings under the Profile tab. The low privacy
setting must be chosen in order for you to receive messages from
people that you are not associated with on Heytell. The medium
privacy setting will give you messages from Heytell friends as well as
friends of your friends. While the high privacy setting will only
give you messages from existing Heytell friends. Don’t let this worry
you too much, in most cases, you’ll want to choose the Low privacy

Step 4: (optional) You can be manually invited to the relay by an
existing user even before you arrive in DC. This manual process
overrides and waives the standard GPS location verification. If you
email me at
pyyhkala at gmail.com

or direct message or mention me on Twitter @pyyhkala

With your HeyTell email address and/or associated phone#. I can
process some of these invitations in advance of the seminar. Again,
reply to me directly, and not via any of the lists to do this. It
will be good to have people in advance to build buzz and to share any
travel or other logistics adventures people have.

Staff in the Baltimore office (and other MD/VA/DC locals) should be
able to join via the standard process since they are close enough to
pass the GPS location verification test.

Enjoy, and see you on the relay!
Mika Pyyhkala, President
NFB of Massachusetts

Twitter: @pyyhkala @NFBMA

NFB Washington Seminar Twitter Hashtag: #NFBWS12

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