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The National Federation of the Blind, the 
National Organization of Parents of Blind 
Children, and the National Association to Promote the Use of Braille
are pleased to announce the winners of the 
2011-2012 Braille Readers Are Leaders Contest. 
Our congratulations to the winners and to all who participated
in this year’s contest. We hope you feel the 
success and joy of being a “leader”!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at
braillereadersareleaders at nfb.org.

2012 NFB

Braille Readers Are Leaders

K-12 Winners

Grades K-1

1st Place Maia Armstrong, IL

1,976 pages

2nd Place Holly Connor, WA

  1,543 pages

3rd Place Emerie Mitchell-Butler, VA

  1,179 pages

Grades 2-3

1st Place Maria Monteiro-Oliveira, GA, 8,839 pages

2nd Place Andrea Cordero-Perez, AZ

  5,617 pages

3rd Place Matthew Leinart, IL

  3,174 pages

Grades 4-5

1st Place Maegan Weiler, WA

  21,646 pages

2nd Place Rosanna Scott, AR

13,255 pages

3rd Place Alayna Hall, IN

  10,332 pages

Grades 6-8

1st Place Kortnee Barton, UT

  12,035 pages

2nd Place Shawn Abraham, MD

  8,884 pages

3rd Place Samantha Simonton, GA

  7,078 pages

Grades 9-12

1st Place Lanie Molinar, TX

  18,328 pages

2nd Place Roosevelt Thermitus, FL

  12,365  pages

3rd Place Michael Davidson, OH

  12,071 pages

Jennifer Baker Award

Page Segura, 11th grade, AZ

Andrea Cordero-Perez, 2nd grade, AZ

TwinVision® Award

Emerie Mitchell-Butler, Kindergarten, VA

Beck Schutte, 2nd grade, MA

Matthew Leinart, 3rd grade, IL

Thomas Bannon III, 4th grade, VA

Shah Mohammad,  3rd grade, TX

Team of the Year Award

Team Smed

Michael Smedley, 6th grade, PA

Mitchell Smedley, 3rd grade, PA

Team's Total Pages Read:  1,450

2012 NFB Braille Readers Are Leaders Adult Winners


1st Place Treva Olivero, LA, 2,012 pages

2nd Place Julie Newman, IN, 1,432 pages

3rd Place Brian Mackey, NJ, 1,240 pages

Conchita Hernandez, NE, 580 pages (Beginner 
Drawing Winner) (Grand Prize Drawing Winner)


1st Place Jessica Watson, MD, 69,266 pages

2nd Place Ericka Mosley, VA, 12,829 pages

3rd Place Kierra Davis, VA, 9,813 pages (Intermediate Drawing Winner)


1st Place Mike Sivill, OR, 5,459 pages

2nd Place Tony Schnurr, IN, 3,529 pages

3rd Place Danielle Shives, MD, 3,212 pages (Advanced Drawing Winner)


1st Place Brandi Bryant, CA, 11,330 pages (Expert Drawing Winner)

  2nd Place Patrick Gormley, MD, 8,163 pages

3rd Place Tami Jones, IN, 7,889 pages


1st Place Veronica Bargehr, IL, 3,027  pages (Sighted Drawing Winner)

2nd Place Christy Grimstad, AZ, 2,658 pages (Sighted Drawing Winner)

3rd Place Ephraim Poonen, AZ, 1,254 pages

Team of the Year Award

Little Dots on the Prairie

Jean Rauschenbach, Beginner, MN

Judy Sanders, Intermediate, MN

Hannah Ferney, Beginner, MN

Patric Barrett, Beginner, MN

Trudy Barrett, Beginner, MN

Team's Total Pages Read:  7,520

Team of the Year Honorable Mention

Krystal Guillory, Sighted, LA,

Kia Vaca, Advanced, CA,

Conchita Hernandez, Beginner, NE

Kathy Athey, Intermediate, LA

Kevin Athey, Beginner, LA

Team's Total Pages Read:  3,279

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at Jernigan Place
Baltimore, MD 21230
Phone: (410) 659-9314 ext. 2312
Fax: (410) 659-5129

abispo at nfb.org


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