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Tue Apr 12 00:16:48 UTC 2011

Dear Colleagues:

On Wednesday, April 20, at 8:00 PM EDT, I will 
have the honor of appearing on "Thru Our Eyes" 
with Joe Ruffalo to talk about the 2011 Race for 
Independence.  An announcement with details about 
how to tune-in will follow within days.  In the 
meantime, please get active in the Race for 
Independence.  In other words, get signed-up by 
Or, if you have already taken care of this 
initial step, I appreciate it very much.

But please begin making your asks while there is 
still plenty of time to reach your fundraising 
goal.  As you know, we are giving thirty 
Federationists an opportunity to ride in the 
Blind Driver Challenge™ car on the afternoon of 
Tuesday, July 5.  The thirty Federationists will 
be chosen based upon results as of June 15, 2011, 
in the following way.  First, we will invite the 
top ten Imaginators in terms of money raised in 
the 2011 campaign.  We will then select twenty 
others in a drawing from among a pool of 
Imaginators who raise at least $1000.  Each of 
the thirty individuals can then select up to 
three friends to share in the Blind Driver Experience.

Very soon, we will announce the time and date of 
the drawing, but you can bet it will be some time 
after June 15.  Fellow Federationists, now is the 
time to start making those asks.  Please feel 
free to reach out to me directly in Myrtle Beach, 
South Carolina at 843-492-7411 or via email at 
<mailto:pdiggs at nfb.org>pdiggs at nfb.org for assistance.  Thank you.

Parnell Diggs, Chairman
National Federation of the Blind Imagination Fund

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