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Dear Colleagues:

Beginning in the month of October, the Imagination Fund is initiating 
a new component in our continuing fundraising efforts.  By now, many 
of you have registered for the 2010/2011 Race for Independence, which 
will culminate at our 2011 convention in Orlando.  You are already 
lining up your asks and building strategies to achieve your 
fundraising goal of $250.00 or more.

Beginning in the month of October individuals can make $10.00 
donations to the Imagination Fund through the text-to-give program by 
texting the word "blind" to 85944.  Each time you text the word 
"blind" to 85944, you will receive a message that tells you to reply 
with the word "yes".  When you do this, your cell phone carrier will 
forward $10.00 to the Imagination Fund.  The $10.00 charge will 
appear on your next phone bill.

In the near future State Presidents will be receiving business cards 
and brochures related to the text-to-give program.  Ask your State 
President to share these materials with you and help us to distribute 
business cards and brochures to every community across the country.

Take cards and brochures along with you to community events, 
meetings, restaurants, sporting venues, and everywhere else you go, 
and distribute them liberally.  Our goal is to generate a high volume 
of text donations nationwide.  Text-to-give donations do not count 
toward individual fundraising goals, but they will help increase the 
size of the Imagination Fund and substantially increase affiliate 
distributions and grant awards at the end of the campaign.

For more information contact us at 410-659-9314 ext. 2371, or email 
Anne- Marie Laney at <mailto:alaney at nfb.org>alaney at nfb.org  .
You can also reach me directly in Myrtle Beach, SC at 843-492-7411.

The text-to-give initiative will be a great way to supplement our 
Imagination Fund effort and help us to raise more money in this 
campaign than ever before.  So come on, let's race!

Parnell Diggs
National Federation of the Blind Imagination Fund

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