[nfbcs] Slow speed internet connection and error messages whendownloading email

slery slerythema at insightbb.com
Fri Apr 3 23:59:55 CDT 2009

I would say that your computer is probably just not optimized for how you
work on it and use a screenreader. Not being a JAWS user, I would suggest
using the very first tutorial for JAWS that goes through all of the
different computer settings that should be changed in order for JAWS and the
computer to run smoothly together.

There are many settings for different things so I can't point you to any one
specific item. Since you have a new computer, the answer would not be simply
running some maintenance that cleans out things that have a tendency to slow
the computer over time. Also, since there are many around here that run JAWS
and use Insight, I would say that probably is not the problem either.

Good luck.


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> Please help!  Any and all suggestions would be much 
> appreciated.  I'm extremely frustrated and at a real loss for 
> what to do right now.  Here's my problem.
> I just got a new Del Inspiron desktop computer with Windows 
> Vista Home Premium and MS Office 2007 Home and Student.  
> However, I had this same problem with the old computer (with 
> Windows XP Pro and Office 2003 Pro). I have high speed BB 
> internet service through Insight and I use Windows Mail for 
> email (but I used Outlook before).  I've had the same issue 
> with both computers.  It just sometimes seems to be much 
> worse with the new one.  I realize some of that could be the 
> learning curve for IE 7 and windows Mail; but I believe it's 
> much bigger than that.  
> My internet connection speed seems to be really slow (much 
> more so with the new computer) and frequently drops offline.  
> For example, I tried downloading AVG a couple days ago but 
> couldn't because the transfer rate was so slow and eventually 
> timed out.  The transfer rate started out at what I guess is 
> decent (250 kb) and then quickly dropped way down and 
> fluctuated between 5 kb and around 40 kb.  I tried 
> downloading the AVG 3 times with the same result. I also have 
> a similar issue with downloading email.  It generally takes 
> numerous attempts and several minutes to finally get my new 
> messages in my Inbox.  I continually get error messages 
> before they finally download.  While the error numbers often 
> change, they usually look like:
> Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. 
> Possible causes for this include server problems, network 
> problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account: 
> 'mail.insightbb.com', Server: 'mail.insightbb.com', Protocol: 
> POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10053, Error 
> Number: 0x800CCC0F
> I've talked with 2 different levels of tech support with 
> Insight and a tech came out to switch out my modem today, to 
> see if that might fix the problem.  They all insist that 
> everything looks good on their end, with the connection and 
> modem; and that the problem has to reside with my computer.  
> Today, the tech concluded that it was a software issue; 
> saying that I must have downloaded some kind of software that 
> is causing interruptions in my internet connection. Although, 
> I don't have the solution, I tend to disagree with that 
> conclusion.  As I said, this is a brand new computer that 
> I've only had for a week; and the only software that I've 
> added to it is Jaws.  Yesterday, I did download AVG on 
> another computer and copy on to this one; but that didn't 
> change anything.  Plus, I had the same issue with my old 
> computer.  I never really dealt with the problem then though; 
> because I assumed it might partly be due to the computer 
> being a Gateway mini-tower and being a few years old.
> Assuming Insight is right, in that it is a software issue, 
> any ideas on what sort of software could be interfering?  Or 
> any other ideas on what the problem might be or what I could 
> do to resolve it?  For those of you who have Insight as your 
> ISP, have you experienced similar issues?
> Sorry for such a long description but I felt it necessary to 
> adequately explain what is going on.
> Very frustrated and eager for possible solutions,
> Tonia
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