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Please take the paid survey below to influence the future of transportation.

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Subject: New paid survey from us using the Transportation Security Index

The transportation policy world is missing research that includes the voices of people who don't or can't drive, and Disability Mobility Initiative is working to change that!

We have developed a new survey that uses questions from the Transportation Security Index. You can read more about the index here <https://poverty.umich.edu/research-funding-opportunities/data-tools/the-transportation-security-index/> , or listen to this podcast <https://usa.streetsblog.org/2022/05/12/talking-headways-podcast-measuring-transportation-insecurity/>  episode featuring its creators, Alex Murphy and Alix Gould-Werth. I’ve spoken with them, and they are eager to have more input from disabled collaborators, so this is an excellent chance for us to have our knowledge shape what may become a national standard for talking about mobility access!

Once you complete this survey, we will email you a $15 e-gift card (give us a few days because it’s not automatic). 

We will also select 50 people who responded to the survey and ask you to follow up with us for an additional paid interview. 

Here’s a link to the survey: 



The first question might not be the easiest with a screenreader, so I’m also happy to conduct the survey over Zoom. Please schedule a time to chat with me using this link. <https://calendly.com/dismob/15min?back=1&month=2022-11>  




 	I wonder if this might be something to pass along to get the most participants possible. 

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