[CCCNFBW] C-Tran Advocacy Suggestions

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Wed Oct 17 00:01:08 UTC 2018

Hello everyone, as we stated at last weekend's meeting, we are in a position
to drive the topics of discussion regarding a Driver training video for
C-Tran and C-van.  I have included some of the suggestions that we were able
to come up with at the bottom of this email.  Please take time to consider
what we have already come up with and send any other suggestions you may
have to the list serve for discussion, thanks


Video suggestion meeting will take place on Friday October 19 at the school
for the blind at 2:45pm


Suggestions include:


Not needing of Lowering the bus for blind people at every stop

Drivers Announcing bus number on routes that have multiple routes if no
audible alert is present

C van drivers should introduce themselves including Name

Service dogs: No talking to dogs, petting dogs, looking at dogs or having
conversations about a service animal with other passengers while that
service animal is on the bus.

Service dogs: Dogs should never be left unaccompanied on busses

Increase volume on bus announcements

Demonstrating human guide, asking how best to assist a customer to/from van
to destination

How to assist with People of all different visual backgrounds

Stance on Priority seating

Auditory alerts that your pay card is getting low




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