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to all members,


It behooves all of us to find volunteers to assist us at the Amphitheater
fund raiser.

>From our previous  experience at the Amphitheater, we should have about 20
volunteers available to us. 

As I have indicated before the volunteers serving the beer needs to  be able
to recognize  the color of a band, pink or white, that the customer is
wearing. The beer is draft, served by using a tap and also have the ability
to quickly recognize  money denominations and make change  of those bills.
Those of us who are blind can work behind the  others opeing wine coolers,
filling cups of another drink. Vince, Kaye, Doug and I performed those
duties in our previous amphitheater fund raiser.

Corey and Jessica will be keeping the contact information and status's of
the volunteers.


All volunteers need to have current food worker and alcohol cards. Some
volunteers will pay the cost for acquiring those cards, but, the chapter is
willing to reimburse  the volunteer for that cost. 

These cards can be ovtained online at these sites:

Food workder card:



I believe you select a language and then there is a continue button to
select. This test is not that difficult.  

When you complete the course, print off the certificate. I was told to be
sure you make copies of it. If it is lost and you don't have another coy,
you rare required to pay  the ten dollars again to obtain another


For the alcohol server card: 



Select 'license services' from the  first screen you see.

>From  the next screen, there is a drop down menu from which you select


Down the left side there are a list of companies from which to choose to
take the alcohol server course.

They vary in cost.

I believe there is a certificate available to be printed off. Then it takes
about 30 days to acquire the card itself. I'm still a little fuzzy on this
new process.


It is possible to have a classroom presentation of the course. Apparently,
from talking with LCB, there are companies that  work n different areas of
the state and will present classes. I have not checked those companies out.


If anyone  has volunteers, please contact Cory or Jessica.


I'm leaving Jan 5th to acquire a new dog guide and will be gone for 3 weeks.
Due back on Jan 22.


If anyone has question contact Doug, Cory or Jessica.


Bob Sellers







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