[NFBWATlk] Congratulations Marci, and news of my own

Elizabeth Rene rene0373 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 14 17:05:32 UTC 2021

Congratulations, Marci, for becoming a member of the National Board! Well done!

And folks, I’d like to announce that I’ve just become a hearings judge for Washington’s Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. 
This position is viewed by many lawyers as a destination job. The areas of focus are workers’ compensation, occupational safety, crime victims’ compensation, and some employer tax assessments. I’ll be conducting formal public hearings using the superior court civil rules and rules of evidence using a court reporter and writing proposed decisions and orders according to the style of the court of appeals. These will become final if not appealed within 30 days, and if appealed, they will be reviewed by the three member Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals appointed by the Governor. Whatever happens there, if one of the parties appeals to the Superior Court or on upwards, the record created at my hearing will be the basis for the court’s legal reasoning and decision.
Am I happy? Yes! Am I scared to death? You bet! But that will just make me work hard.
If you don’t hear from me going forward, it will be because of my ethical duty to be, and to be seen to be, impartial.

I’ll also begin my one year term as chair of the Washington State Bar Association’s Disciplinary Board in October.

I think we all have reasons to celebrate and claim bragging rights when one of us blind people assumes a position of leadership. Little by little, our community is making a difference.

Congratulations again, Marci!
Elizabeth René

Elizabeth M René 
Attorney at Law 
WSBA #10710 
KCBA #21824
rene0373 at gmail.com 

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