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Subject: [NWUDC] Wheelchair-accessible taxicabs - community survey


The Seattle Department of Finance and Administrative Services and King
County Department of Executive Services have produced a survey on the
wheelchair accessible taxicab (WAT) program, in which you or someone you
know may be interested in participating.


People who should participate in the survey include:

*	Those who have used wheelchair accessible taxi (WAT) service in
Seattle and/or King County in the past
*	Family members or companions who support them
*	Those in wheelchairs who haven't used the service in the past (and
their families, companions and supporters), but would like to in the future


The survey will be available online (surveymonkey.com/r/WATfeedback
<https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WATfeedback> ) and by phone (206-256-5928)
and should take approximately 10 minutes or less to complete (please see
attached flier for more information) and will be open until February 28,
2018. Questions cover characteristics of a respondent's typical WAT trip, if
applicable, and any challenges a respondent may have faced when booking a
WAT trip or using a WAT.


Background: The City and County jointly license 50 WATs. A Wheelchair
Accessible Services Fund (the Fund) was created by legislation in 2014. All
taxicab/TNC vehicle/for-hire vehicle rides originating within the City and
County pay a $0.10 surcharge, which goes to the Fund. Monies from the Fund
help offset the higher costs (e.g., fuel, extra time to load/unload time,
vehicle maintenance) incurred by those who own and operate a WAT. The City
and County would like to explore new ways to use the monies; part of this
process involves surveying current and future customers (and those who
support them).


If you know of other individuals and/or groups who would benefit from taking
this survey, please forward this message to them. Please direct any
questions to consumerprotection at seattle.gov
<mailto:consumerprotection at seattle.gov>  or 206-386-1267.


~ Irene


Irene Stewart

Project Manager, Age Friendly Seattle

www.seattle.gov/agefriendly <http://www.seattle.gov/agefriendly> 


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