[nfbwatlk] My Secret Ballot has been Cast!!

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Fri Aug 5 01:59:42 UTC 2016

Hi Becky,

I am curious about something. After you filled out your ballots did you need any sighed assistance in signing them or getting the envelop ready to mail? I was told that, after filling out my ballot online I could sign it anywhere on the signature page, but that the last page of my ballot printout would consist of something which had to be cut out and affixed to a regular envelop.

> On Aug 3, 2016, at 8:23 AM, Becky Frankeberger via nfbwatlk <nfbwatlk at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Coming soon, is what Kevin and I did, voted on line. We printed both
> ballots, Signed them and stuffed it in the envelope from the Auditor signed
> the envelope and mailed it away.
> Becky 
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> Well, thanks to the postal service and Jacob Struiksma, I voted yesterday
> without assistance, (or for that matter interference). For the past few
> weeks, I have periodically checked my mail box for the primary election
> ballot that was supposed to come from the King county elections office.
> Either it somehow didn't get delivered, or it was thrown away with a bunch
> of junk mail I summarily dumped. I'm the first to admit that I could have
> been at fault. So, when Jacob posted the information about King County
> accessible voting locations last week, I decided that I would take the quick
> trip to the Union Station in Seattle to use the voting machines with the
> audio ballot. I don't know whether it was some sort of unwarranted concern
> about finding the place, or just my laziness that caused my mind to resist
> the trip, but in the end, I sucked it up and went from my Office on 5th and
> Columbia to the 4th and Jackson location by taking a bus the one stop from
> the Pioneer Square Tunnel station to the International District Tunnel
> station, and going next door to the Union Station. It was pretty easy.
> I have never been very private about my voting preferences, but this was
> only the second time I have gone to only one of three accessible voting
> locations in the Seattle, King County area. The readers I have had over the
> years have been trustworthy, either because I knew them well, or because
> they were poll watchers at the precinct I used. But the prospect of being
> able to vote a secret ballot really got me excited about yesterday's vote.
> The experience was quite successful. At one point, my audio ballot wasn't
> printing in order for me to complete the process of getting it to the county
> elections folks, but we figured out the problem, which was that I was
> impatient and didn't listen to all the instructions before pushing buttons.
> That was definitely my fault. It didn't take long to remedy the situation,
> and I reviewed my ballot and completed the process. I thought it went
> reasonably smoothly, the staff was pretty well familiar with the machines,
> and I didn't have to wait at all to vote.
> The main point though is that it was completely private. No one knew who I
> voted for, (or for that matter who I didn't vote for.) And, I could keep it
> to myself fir ever if I was not so anxious to be politically involved. I did
> leave the voting area  however, very proud that I had been able to vote on
> my own without assistance from anyone at all once I learned to use the
> voting machine. It was remarkably simple, and I'd recommend it for anyone
> who has the time and inclination to try it.
> That having been said, if and when in the future I receive my mail in
> ballot, I will probably seek out a reader  because there are so few
> accessible voting locations. Many of us either can't or won't take the hour
> or two time on the bus to get to the nearest one. It is important that we
> all keep pushing for many more places that have accessible voting stations,
> or for some other method of being able to vote like everyone else, ...
> privately from home.
> I do want to thank Jacob again for posting the information for King county
> at least to the list, and to urge others to look for that information for
> your own county.
> Remember to vote often. ... Oh, I mean ... ah well, you know what I mean.
> Have a great day.
> /s/
> Bennett Prows
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