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CCER is currently recruiting for a full-time Continuing Education Coordinator.  FOR FULL CONSIDERATION PLEASE APPLY BY SEPTEMBER 23, 2015.

This position reports to the CCER Director, and will work on a variety of grant-funded and contract projects.  The successful candidate for this position will take a primary role in developing curriculum materials and approaches that utilize a variety of media and are guided by adult learning principles; design and coordinate CCER's social media and web presence; and host/support webinars and other distance education events.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
*  Work in a team capacity to identify training needs and concepts for development.  Along with content experts, develop accessible curriculum materials, manuals, and other instructional materials for online and face-to-face courses/programs.  Identify and develop instructional methods and media that are best suited to the course content.
*  Take a lead role in CCER's social media and web presence, including regular updates of all CCER websites.  Work with colleagues to market CCER activities, using social media and other approaches.
*  Work in a team to develop, host, and support webinar sessions using in-house or external consultants.  Identify and secure presenters; work with presenters on pre-event logistics.  Prepare pre-event materials and instructions.  Develop marketing materials.  Provide live hosting and support for presenters; troubleshoot connectivity and other issues with participants.
*  As directed, investigate opportunities for funding and project development, including the establishment of partnerships for such activities.
*  Attend appropriate academic and continuing education programs to remain up to date and informed of major trends in the field or rehabilitation and to related skills and knowledge.
*  Other duties as assigned.
*  BA/BS in related field, and 2 years' experience in adult education, curriculum development, distance education or related fields.
*  Knowledge and skill working with distance education platforms such as Blackboard Collaborate and Moodle
*  Knowledge of accessibility issues in web and media development
*  Ability to work independently, as well as in a team setting
*  Ability to manage multi-phase projects from inception to completion
*  Ability to build consensus among team members
*  Strong oral and written communication skills
*  Strong organizational and problem-solving skills
*  Strong attention to detail
*  Strong commitment to customer service and the CCER mission.

Equivalent education/experience will substitute for all minimum qualifications except where there are legal requirements such as license/certification/registration.

MA/MS in related field
Experience in media production (e.g. videos)
Experience in rehabilitation/disability services

Please follow this link to apply for the CCER Continuing Education Coordinator Position:

Once at the University of Washington Employment page, enter the Requisition # 124166 and press Search to review the job posting and begin the application process.

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