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Jim Portillo portillo.jim at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 22:43:20 UTC 2015

Good morning folks in Eastern Washington,


Can you believe it?  Labor Day weekend is upon us once again.  Those of you
in the Tri-Cities know that during this weekend is also a very fun event
known as the Tumbleweed Music festival.  It's the coolest little festival I
know where one can spend two days listening to music on five different
stages or attending several different workshops.  There will be dances,
bigger concerts, food, and plenty of fun.


For those of you interested in going, I will be appearing twice.  

First, on Saturday, I will be playing bass for my great friend, Bill Rose.
He is fronting that act, and our friend Bill Murlin and I are his backup
musicians.  His act is called Rose and the Thorns.  Since we're on either
side of him when we're on stage, one could say we're the thorns in his side.

Get to know Bill through his songs and memories of home and good years.
He's on the Southwest stage, Saturday at 5:45.


On Sunday, my group (Fine Company) will be doing a set at 3:30 on the River
stage.  Fine Company is Bill Murlin (guitar, banjo and lead vocals)and yours
truly (guitar, mandolin and lead vocals), with Ron Dalton on bass and backup
harmony.  We do a variety of songs in the different genres that make up Folk
music.  You'll hear some instrumentals, some of the classic Brother duets,
and what we hope are all around fun songs.  Hmmm.You might even hear the
story of when I was in an event which combined free pizza, an open mic, and
musicians such as didgeridoo and banjo players, all in one night, with a
terrible sound person.  It's quite the story, but you can only hear about it
if you come hear our set! :-) We've even worked up a wonderful three-part
version of the classic song, "Why Worry",  written by Mark Knopfler and
performed by a one-time group consisting of Mark Knopfler, the Everly
Brothers, Vince Gill, and Chet Atkins.  I'm proud of what we've done with
that song.

Check out the link to the festival.  There are even accessible schedules in
simple text format for those who might need that.  Below that, I'll include
some links to where you can learn more about Fine Company.

Finally, if you cannot make it to Tumbleweed, Fine Company will be back in
the Tri-Cities for a full-fledged two hour concert in November.  Stay tuned
for more information as we get closer to the date.



Tumbleweed link

 <http://www.3rfs.org/tmf.htm> www.3rfs.org/tmf.htm

Fine Company's Facebook link

www.facebook.com/finecompanymusic <http://www.facebook.com/finecompanymusic>

Fine Company's YouTube page





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