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Julie Warrington jdwtlc at frontier.com
Wed Apr 15 16:13:45 UTC 2015

wow Debbie, Congratulations on many things.
Great on the new job!

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> Good evening everyone! I'm trying to make this message cover several 
> things.  First of all, I wanted to say congratulations to Don Mitchell. 
> That was a great article, and couldn't have happened to a nicer person. 
> Great going, Mitch!
> I'm wondering if those who responded to me about NAGDU would mind writing 
> me back one more time.  I'm trying to get our call in before I go to 
> Seeing Eye so we could at least have one convousation before I head out. 
> Marci has said that we can use the conference call number.  I am thinking 
> of Sunday April 19, or Wednesday the 22nd.  If you could let me know which 
> of those nights would be good, I'd appreciate it.  I'd like to have the 
> call start at either 7 or 7:30, so if you would give me that preference, 
> I'd appreciate that, too.  You can also call me at 509-690-4624.
> My third thing is that I was hired yesterday by a small local business 
> called Strategic Contact Solutions Inc.  We do outbound calls for 
> businesses.  We do things like set appointments, etc.  I've only listened 
> in for a little while yesterday.  They have another blind employee, who 
> also has a dog guide.  This will mean that the day after I get back from 
> Seeing Eye, I'll go in and get adjusted to the work site, etc.  My boss is 
> very understanding, he understood that I already had a class date to The 
> Seeing Eye, and when I told him that I also already had a ticket for the 
> flight to Orlando for the NFB convention and had pre-registered, he said, 
> "Well, I guess you'll be going to the NFB convention then." I apologized, 
> and he said, "It's okay, knowing early means we can plan.  July 3 will be 
> a day off, so that will give me time to pack, etc.  I also told him about 
> the NFB convention in the fall, but told him that I did not have any 
> information yet about date or location.  He said that was fine, to just 
> let him know when I did.  Wow! But I do think I will need to resign from 
> the SRC.  It would not be good form to tell him that every quarter I have 
> to take Friday off.  Lol.  The PAC meetings are usually on Saturday and 
> generally are over the phone meetings, anyway.  So I think I'll be okay as 
> far as that goes.
> I'm also in the process of getting new eyes, as my prosthetic ones are 20 
> years old, and one of them is not fitting well anymore.  They should be 
> done by Thursday.  Exhausting! Lol.
> Well, I'd best get going.    Peace,    Debby
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