[nfbwatlk] Appointed to the SRC Council

Debby Phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 16:10:47 UTC 2014

Good morning all! FRIDAY I received a letter from the Governor's 
Office informing me that I have been appointed to the State 
Rehabilitation Council for Department of Services for the Blind.  
I had put in my application so long ago that I figured I had not 
been selected.  I am very excited about this, however I'm not 
sure I will make the first meeting, which is on Friday.

I also went to the doctor on Friday because I have been having 
very painful headaches on the right side of my head.  The Aleeve 
(spelling) I had been taking was no longer working to get rid of 
the pain and I rarely get headaches.  Well, it turns out that I 
have Shingles.  As cases go, mine is fairly mild.  But it's still 
very painful, and I feel pretty drained.  So I will decide by 
8:00 tomorrow morning.  If I were to decide right now, the answer 
would be no.  I hate to miss the first meeting, but I have to 
make a decision at some point so flight arrangements can be made 
and so forth, so after talking with Deb LEWIS, I told her I'd 
make the decision by tomorrow morning at 8:00.  And here's a 
piece of unsolicited advice: if you are 60 or older and have NOT 
received a Shingles vaccination, please do so.  I will tell you 
that even my hair hurts.  Yesterday we had to run one errand and 
by the time we got home, I was wiped out and ready to go back to 
bed.  Poor Neena is not getting her walks, but the cold makes my 
head hurt more.  I'm ready for spring.  Lol.    Peace,    Debby 
and Neena

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