[nfbwatlk] Job hunting question

Debby Phillips semisweetdebby at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 17:50:46 UTC 2014

Hi all, okay, my husband and I are having a slight difference of 
opinion about something, and I thought I'd ask you all.  There 
are some jobs out there that I absolutely know I don't qualify 
for, because there are things that I have not done before, or 
know that I would have a difficult, if not impossible time doing.  
He says that I should apply anyway.  I say why would I do that 
knowing that I don't meet the qualifications they are asking for.  
For instance, one job I just looked at today has lots of things 
that I can do: answer phone, direct calls, word processing, 
record meeting minutes and send them out to appropriate people, 
order office supplies.  But here are the things I'm not so sure 
about: scan documents, maintain electronic AND hardcopy files, 
(the hard copy ones are the ones I question) distribute mail, 
create calendars, and the biggy, put text into graphics; I'm 
assuming that they have the graphic and they want text imbedded 
in the graphic.  They also want someone who can operate a fax and 
a copier, (which I have not done but assume that if I had a way 
of knowing whether the page was upside down or right-side up, I 
could do).  Apply or not to apply, that is the question.  Lol.    
Peace,    Debby

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