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Connect with Microsoft!

Life is better when assistive technology is adapted to meet our specific needs. Microsoft User Research needs suggestions to make assistive technology the best it can be for low vision individuals everywhere.

This is an exclusive invitation to join in Microsoft's upcoming accessibility studies beginning in mid-April of this year and see technology designed with us in mind.

To participate in a two hour study at Microsoft's Redmond Campus, email uccoord at microsoft.com with "access" in the subject line.

Include the information below.

1.     Name/Phone:

2.     Job Title/Company (if not working, that's ok):

3.     Age:

4.     What applications and software do you use regularly?

5.     Do you use any accessibility software (JAWs, Windows Eye,  speech recognition, etc.)? If yes, which?

6.     Please describe your visual impairment:

Microsoft will call participants that are a match for this study. Selected participants will receive a choice of Microsoft software, hardware, or games as a thank you.

Help Microsoft understand our needs, and help shape the future of technology.

Find out more at www.microsoft.com/userresearch.

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