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I am not sure what this student needs to graduate, but perhaps people can sign this petition and put helpful comments in the comments field.  I referred him to our national office. 

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      action alert! 
      Vincent Martin is blind and pursuing a master's degree at Georgia Tech even without the university's full support. His friend wants to make sure he gets all the help he needs to succeed. 
              Help Blind Student Get Access to Everything He Needs to Learn 
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      Dear Lauren, 

      Connie Davis met Vincent Martin at the Center for the Visually Impaired in Atlanta. He was her computer instructor, one of many roles he takes on, from volunteer computer teacher for senior citizens to first fully-blind master's candidate at Georgia Tech. But to Connie, Vincent is just a kind, brilliant friend. 

      That's why Connie was so dismayed that, despite his hard work and expertise, Georgia Tech wasn't giving Vincent the support he needs to get his graduate degree. 

      Vincent is studying Human Computer Interaction and is often asked to guest lecture on the subject to other professors. His accomplishments are even more impressive given his disability. Many requirements on campus are web-based and not accessible to Vincent, even with his special assistive software. While he gets electronic textbooks, they don't give him access to equations essential for his study. 

      There are things Georgia Tech can -- and, in fact, is legally obligated -- to do to help Vincent succeed. Blind graduate students in technical fields often have up to 20 hours of sighted assistance each week. Vincent has made do with just five. They can also provide tactile descriptions of diagrams in class. 

      "He is a role model to all Blind and Visually Impaired people," Connie told us. We'd go one step further: Vincent is a inspiration to everyone. 

      Join Connie's fight and ask Georgia Tech administrators to make sure Vincent gets everything he needs to earn his master's degree! 

           Thank you for taking action, 

            Emily V.
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