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I've just got to share this gem of a story about a woman Cathy and I taught basic cane travel to.  
She is a member of Jefferson County Council of the Blind.  So don't mess with us!  

Carl Jarvis

      Hi Carl and Kathy.  Thought I'd tell you what happened to me last Friday after the lunch.  I was walking to QFC like I always do with my trusty cane and all of a sudden a huge boxer dog came up behind me and attacked me, biting me on the upper leg.  I whirled around and started smacking him with my trusty white cane and he came at me from the front snarling and lunging.  I kept smacking him with all my might and finally he decided I was the bitch from hell and took off.  Not one damn person stopped to help me and there were many driving by.  That made me as mad as the dog attack.  I walked on down to the used clothing store close to the corner and asked them to call 911.  I explained what had happened and asked for the animal control to come.  She said they were already on their way.  When he got there I explained what had happened and that I was ok.  My pants were wet where he bit and it stung but didn't break the skin.  I wasn't scared but boy was I mad.  I never realized that I am a FIGHTER!!!Yea Nancy.  So if you need someone to go with you in a fight,  then I am your woman.  LOL   The animal control didn't find him but we went on to the store and then drove by and there it was.  We drove in and the dog went after the car too.  The owner came out and I explained what had happened and she said...."he has been doing that a lot lately, and I have a 3 month old baby"..  Then she said,  "He won't even let me catch him".  I told her to get rid of the dog before he hurt the baby and that the animal control was going to come.  Then called the animal control, told them the address and what she had said.  He said....well the dog has got to go.  I haven't seen it since and boy do I look good as I go past.  The funny part of this is that I never knew I was so tough...guess the weight lifting has paid off and boy am I lucky I am sight impaired and have that wonderful white cane.  Yea.....for us.  Of course Pat came when I called him to tell him about it and then set about trying to get the animal control guy to tell me I can't walk anymore.  He said nadda to that and told me I did a great job and not to worry about how many times I'd smacked the dog because I could use anything I could get my hands on to defend myself.  Again......Yea to all us "Un-handicapped folks". I'm woman, I'm invincible, I'm a fighter and I'll always be independent.  LOL   So to you two....I thank you very much for the white cane.  I use it with pride.  PS.....The cane had all kinds of dog slobber on it from me hitting it so much.  Yuk!  



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