[nfbwatlk] State to reduce cash grants to Disability Lifeline recipients, Washington DSHS press release, October 20 2010

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Gosh!  That means it might be spam!  Wouldn't it be a relief were this so?


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Looks like they have also laid off their proof
reader, as I heard at least one typo!

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>News Release Listing
>Contact: Nick Lutes, (360) 902-0570, nick.lutes at ofm.wa.gov
>Contact: Troy Hutson, (360) 725-4350, troy.hudson at dshs.wa.gov
>Contact: Thomas Shapley, (360) 902-8007, thomas.shapley at dshs.wa.gov
>October 20, 2010
>State to reduce cash grants to Disability Lifeline recipients
> OLYMPIA ­ In order to make budget reductions neecessary to balance the 
>state budget for the remainder of the current fiscal year, the Department 
>of Social and Health Services will reduce the monthly cash grant to 
>Disability Lifeline recipients effective Jan.1, 2011.
>Washington state's Disability Lifeline Program provides cash grants to 
>low-income adults without children who are unable to work due to a physical 
>or mental impairment that is expected to last at least 90 days. A small 
>number of disabled and elderly legal immigrants also receive help from the 
>Disability Lifeline program.
>"This is further evidence of the tough choices confronting state government 
>in these difficult economic times," DSHS Secretary Susan N. Dreyfus said. 
>"It illustrates the struggle to support even some of our most vulnerable 
>The 2010 Supplemental Budget approved in this year's legislative session 
>called for the Department to save nearly $6.2 million by limiting the 
>length of time a person can receive Disability Lifeline (formerly General 
>Assistance Unemployable) benefits. The Legislature reduced the State 
>General Fund appropriation in anticipation that benefits would be 
>discontinued effective Sept. 1 for those persons who had exceeded the new 
>allowable time limits.
>On Oct. 4, a federal court issued a temporary restraining order to stop the 
>time-limit benefit terminations from taking place. The order was based on 
>2010 legislation (HB 2782) that provides that Disability Lifeline benefits 
>cannot be discontinued based on the time limits until a case review is 
>conducted that finds the person does not meet the federal supplemental 
>security income disability standard. As interpreted by the court, this 2010 
>legislation would require the five-step sequential evaluation process 
>outlined in the Social Security regulations. The budget for this program 
>does not include sufficient resources to conduct these more intensive 
>Without the ability to achieve the savings from time-limit terminations, as 
>anticipated in the 2010 Supplemental Budget, the Department's only option 
>was to reduce the amount of the monthly cash benefit paid to each recipient 
>in the program.
>The Department had already planned to reduce the Disability Lifeline 
>monthly cash grant Jan. 1, 2011, in response to the 6.3 percent 
>across-the-board budget reductions Gov. Chris Gregoire ordered last month 
>to avoid a deficit in the state's general fund budget for the fiscal year, 
>which ends June 30, 2011. The across-the-board reductions were ordered when 
>the state's economic forecast showed revenues falling short of projections.
>To meet both the 2010 Supplemental Budget expectations and the required 6.3 
>percent across-the-board reductions, the Department will reduce the typical 
>monthly cash grant from $339 per month to $258 per month effective Jan. 1, 
>DSHS does not discriminate and provides equal access to its programs and 
>services for all persons without regard to race, color, gender, religion, 
>creed, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, age, 
>veteranâ?Ts status or the presence of any physical, sensory or mental 

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