[nfbwatlk] Attendee to convention from Olympia

Robert Sellers robertsellers500 at comcast.net
Thu Oct 21 07:09:49 UTC 2010

The voice mail that was left for me, indicated she was an Olympia resident.
Today I found out that she is a student at the OTC with DSB. After
discussing it with Mike he was aware of her and had been working on
arrangements for her.

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Bob, a few of us are on the 7:30 train out of seattle.

On Wed, 20 Oct 2010 00:35:50 -0700, Robert Sellers wrote:




>I got a call from a contact I made in Olympia about 5 years ago informing
>that they  know a blind person in Olympia who would like to attend the
>convention this weekend and was inquiring about transportation for the
>individual. It appears that people from the north are  coming by train. Is
>that correct?

>If so, what might be nice is for the individual to catch the train that
>other Federationist are coming down on. This would give him/her an
>opportunity to become acquainted  with some Federationist and make that
>person feel welcomed and more at ease.

>What are some times that people will be catching the train from the North?

>I'l  make contact if there are those who would like to meet and greet this
>individual and inform him/her of the train  needed to be caught.  

>Otherwise, is there anyone driving down that could stop in Olympia  and
>that person join in their ride?

>Last resort will be for him/her to catch their  own train. I thought it
>would be nice ifthat person could meet some federationist ahead of time.



>Bob Sellers


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