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Dino Rossi optimistic in third statewide race Dino Rossi is no stranger to
statewide campaigns. The former Republican state senator has fallen short in
two runs for governor, but now has his sights set on ousting Washington
state's powerful senior senator, Democrat Patty Murray. By RACHEL LA CORTE
Associated Press Writers Related OLYMPIA, Wash. - Dino Rossi is no stranger
to statewide campaigns. The former Republican state senator has fallen short
in two runs for governor, but now has his sights set on ousting Washington
state's powerful senior senator, Democrat Patty Murray. Rossi says he's
optimistic in this third effort because he's not facing the "headwind" of
the campaigns he had in the two prior presidential election years. More
importantly, he says, is a growing frustration among voters. We're finding
more people who are willing to listen to something different because what's
been happening clearly isn't working," Rossi said. There's more openness
from folks who maybe didn't vote for me before. Rossi lost his first bid for
governor in 2004 after two recounts and a court case. Democrat Chris
Gregoire won the 2008 rematch by some 200,000 votes. In his 2008 concession
speech, Rossi said he was returning to the business world and had
"absolutely no intention of running for any political office at this point
in time. Months later, Rossi noted that he hadn't said he'd never run again,
"though I don't know what it'd be at this point. Never say never," he told
The Herald of Everett in May 2009. A year later, he jumped into the U.S.
Senate race. National Republicans courted Rossi aggressively after polls
earlier this year showed he would be competitive. But Rossi hesitated for
months, and many wondered if the former real estate agent was willing to
tackle another campaign. He ultimately announced his candidacy with a video
posted to his website, saying he decided to run because of concerns over the
national debt, the health care reform bill and the stimulus package. Rossi's
diverse family background is often part of his campaign narrative. His
grandparents immigrated from Italy, and his maternal grandparents were
Tlingit Indian and Irish immigrant. Born in Seattle, Rossi, who'll be 51
Friday, currently lives in Sammamish, with his wife Terry. They have four
children, ranging in age from 9 to 19. In a TV ad earlier this year,
pictures of Rossi's youth flash on the screen as he talks about being the
youngest of seven kids raised on a teacher's salary, and working his way
through college as a janitor at Seattle's iconic Space Needle. Rossi got his
business degree from Seattle University, before going on to a career in
selling and buying commercial real estate. He served in the state Senate for
seven years, capped by a leading role in writing the 2003 to 2005 state
budget, working with Democrats to trim spending in the face of a major
deficit, something he points to as he criticizes Murray and national
Democrats for increased government spending and failing to return the
economy to strong growth following the Great Recession. If you like the way
things are going, Patty Murray will give you six more years of the same,"
Rossi said. If you want to go in a different direction, vote for me.
Democrats say Rossi is trying to present himself as an outsider. He's run
three times, and he's accusing her of being a career politician," said
Dwight Pelz, chairman of the state Democratic Party. He's a career
politician. Rossi faced a fairly strong challenge in the primary from a tea
party backed candidate, former NFL player Clint Didier. In response, Rossi
moved to the political right before the primary, signing on to the tea
party-inspired Contract From America and trumpeting endorsements from
big-name conservative leaders. He advanced through the nonpartisan "top two"
primary with 33 percent of the vote, finishing second behind Murray, who is
seeking her fourth term. Murray, who spent the summer with ratings below 50
percent, immediately pounced on Rossi's move to the right, running attack
ads that said Rossi's advocacy of repealing new Wall Street regulations
makes him "the best friend Wall Street and big banks can buy. Bashing Wall
Street and saying Rossi was in the pockets of bankers who want to repeal
financial regulations seemed to work, because a series of polls last month
showed her leading Rossi. Rossi said that the attacks on him show Murray is
still worried. This thing is a dead heat," he said. --- Online:
<http://www.dinorossi.com/> http://www.dinorossi.com
<http://www.pattymurray.com/> http://www.pattymurray.com . 


La Corte, Rachel. "Dino Rossi optimistic in third statewide race." Seattle
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