[nfbwatlk] Getting your orca card

Lauren Merryfield lauren1 at catliness.com
Sat Jan 9 08:44:38 UTC 2010

I hope you guys put in a loud complaint on behalf of people with 
disabilities.  I wouldn't have been able to stand that long.
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> Marci Carpenter and I got our Orca cards today.  The line was only about 
> an
> hour, BUT... I f you live in King County you must and can only go to the 
> 2nd
> and Jackson.  The folks at Westlake can not assist you in getting your 
> card.
> The process requires a picture that can only be taken at the 2nd and 
> Jackson
> office.  This only facility for disabled King County rides has three 
> chairs
> where you can sit while waiting for the line.  Some one will try to make
> sure that you are given the right place in line, but there is no 
> guarantee.
> The chairs are not comfortable.  Greeters at both locations were only able
> to answer a small range of questions as management had not provided the
> greeters with information about much of the situation no matter how
> reasonable your question might be.  You must have either  doctors
> authorization and state ID or your picture disabled pass and you state ID.
> It is not an easy or comfortable or timely process if you are unable to
> stand for at least an hour and on some days for two hours.   It was
> frustrating to find out that the effort to get to Westlake was pointless 
> and
> then have to go to 5th and Jackson to walk down three blocks in the rain 
> and
> to find such poor facilities for people whose disability makes standing
> difficult or painful and then to check my transfer from Metro and find out
> it had timed out before I could use it.  Oh yes my instructions on how to
> use the card where in small print.  The card itself is easy to use, but 
> the
> process to get it is not at this time.
> Remember if you are a King County resident whose discount pass is based on
> disability you*must and can only get* your orca card at the 2nd and 
> Jackson
> location.  To reload you may use any of the locations and/or options
> available.
> I would love to know how your process of getting the card went as I will 
> be
> getting in touch with the folks at The Accessible Services Advisory
> Community how the process was handled for the disabled.
> Thanks,
> Kay Burrows
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