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I would suggest just posting the message inthe spot where you would normally post things.  Honestly, I think you are better off using Twitter if possible.
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Subject: [nfbwatlk] Facebook question



I'm almost positive that someone can help me using Facebook.

So, here we go.


I use both the mobile regular websites for different things.

I am writing something about an event and will post that event on Facebook.
I've got everything ready, but I'm running into the problem of inviting

I just figured I'd invite my entire facebook list.

However, I have to select or highlight each name and then go to the
appropriate select link.  I've not been successful at this yet.


I tried it on the mobile site, and I can get the option of inviting people,
but when I do, there's an add button under each person's name.
Unfortunately, when I hit the add button, it takes me to the next step, so I
basically have to go through the adding process one at a time.  I'm just not
going to do that 200 times.


So, back to the normal site, how can I select a bunch of names and then move
to the link without deselecting all of the names?  I'm selecting everyone
with the Shift down arrow, but I know that if I were to hit the arrow by
itself afterward, it would probably deselect everything.  Of course, when I
did this before, my sighted friend selected or highlighted everyone with the
mouse, went to the next group, and finished everything without
dehighlighting anything.  Easy for her to do.


Any help with this would be appreciated!  I need to get this event out to
the public soon.




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