[nfbwatlk] How will you be treated?

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Sat Jan 16 23:24:04 UTC 2010

4th Monday at 11:00 a.m. on KBOO (90.7) in Portland, Evergreen Radio Reading
Service (check listings) Sounds of Awareness program tackles a hot topic.  I
am enclosing the link for those who don't have time to listen at regular
broadcast times and dates.

PROGRAM TITLE:  Sounds of Awareness
AIR DATE:  February 2010
TOPIC:  Society's value of life determines how disabled are treated.
GUEST:  Dan Kennedy, CEO, Human Life of Washington, affiliate of National
Right to Life.
1.  Click the link, or paste into address line to go to the Send Space
2.  On the Send Space page, arrow down to the DOWNLOAD link and click on
3.  You will be given a choice to OPEN or SAVE the file.
Play the program immediately:  OPEN.
Download and save on your computer for later playback or burning to CD:
Note that the program may take several minutes to download to your
computer.  It is an MP3 file.

Paul Van Dyck
Sounds of Awareness

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