[nfbwatlk] I need your opinions please

Humberto Avila hum4avila_71 at fastmail.fm
Mon Dec 6 00:59:55 UTC 2010

Hello, this is Humberto again.
this year I am repeating the twelve grade again because I didn't and
couldn't graduate out of high school for one or more of the following
I recently had an I E P meeting at my school in which my parents were
present and my teacher of the blind, Dr. Denise Robinson. at the meeting, we
discussed about my plans and about how I am going to go about to start
college. I found out that I can apply for scholarships to go to college,
maybe every year to support my financial needs, and make it that way. I will
have connections with the national federation of the blind as well in order
to do this. however, as soon as I hit graduation from college and start my
career (job), I will not be able to work because of the issue about not
being legal here in the United States. I will need a social security number
in order to work, just like you all know.
they told me some suggestions. I could do the following:
1.  After I graduate this year from high school, and depending on my
scholarships and if I win or not, I can get back to Mexico (which I don't
know how interesting that would be...or successful), and then apply for a
student visa which will bring me back to America with legal status. I would
have to start college there. then come back with my visa and study to get my
bachelor's degree and start working here and earning a very good living,
which I want. But before going to Mexico, I would apply to the university or
college and get admitted here in the US first.
2.  Other option is that I could go to college here in the United states,
earn my degree here, but since I won't be able to work, I would go back to
Mexico and start working so I can get a work visa then come to the united
states of America to work and earn my living, which I think it will be kind
of interesting, maybe even harder depending on how the long run goes.
3.  Another option is to just wait to see if the so called "dream Act" will
pass, if it does so, I am on my way to glory, but otherwise, I am not and I
will have to wait till things do happen with immigration laws... (I don't
want to get deeper into this one...) - I understand that the laws are laws.
I apologize to discuss these things on this list, I am not sure if this is
appropriate, and I'm sorry that I always bring out my "legal" speeches, but
I need your opinion. what should I do? what other options do I have? does
the National Federation of the Blind have any connections with this kind of
people or options that they can provide? Do you know of any organizations
that can give me support trying to pursue either option 1 or 2 above so I
don't get into "much risk" filing for legal entry? Are there other
organizations that can help?
I am currently applying for the NFB national scholarship and I'm looking at
other scholarships from the American foundation of the blind, and American
counsel of the blind, and others they offer at my high school here in
Yakima. My long-term goals is to either get a career in the field of
Information Technology, or be a teacher of the blind with specialties on
adaptive technology for the blind. I heard there are about five thousand
teachers of the blind short in this country and in the world, so I thought I
would work being one.
Please, any opinions, comments, questions, concerns are very appreciated and
I'm looking forward to hopefully reach my goals of going to college, working
and earning a good living, and making America my permanent home.
Sincerely, Humberto
P.S. Please consider the environment before printing this email.

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