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Sat Nov 7 19:34:29 UTC 2009

The Kickoff for Braille Readers Are Leaders is coming up on November 14, 2009. See the announcement below. I am excited about the events which are planned. If you are planning on coming please contact me so I can talk to you about helping. I can be contacted at cane.travel at gmail.com or at dmackenstadt at comcast.net . We need blind people to man the stations for the braille carnival, to register participants and to act as braille mentors for the contest participants. Many blind students do not know any other braille readers to share with. As braille users we can bring to these children a unique perspective. In addition, we can bring to parents a resource for encouraging reading for their children. I want to announce also that David Patneaude, a nationally recognized author of juvenile literature will be a special guest. He is a local author and his books are available in braille. Let us have a good showing. 

Braille Readers are Leaders 

Kickoff Celebration 

Come celebrate braille reading. Louis Braille was born in 1809. A blind teacher, Louis invented braille. Braille is the literacy tool used worldwide by blind and visually impaired people. Join us for a fun and inspiring celebration of literacy and progress for blind children and adults. Highlights: 
v Braille Carnival 
v Reading Circle 
v Authors reading from their books 
v Blind braille mentors 
v Braille book flea mart 

Washington Talking Book and Braille Library 

2021 9 th Ave, Seattle 

Date: 11/1409 

Time: 11:00 am til 2:00pm 

Contact person: Denise Mackenstadt (206)419-9555 email cane.travel at gmail.com or Kris Colcock at (206)854-3025 

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