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Occasionally, I use a click or two.  No big deal.  But I honor, admire, and
commend whoever invented the white cane and its use.  I know blind people
have been getting around for centuries with some kind of stick, but just the
concept of the opposite swing is wonderful.  

Alco and Mighty Stick  (the latter sneaked into the list somehow. 

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Wow. That's really sad that he's not doing so well. I hope he'll make it out
okay. But if not, I hope he lives the rest of his life in relative comfort.
I'm sadly reminded of Dr. Z and the difficulties she faced as she battled
cancer. It's good that he has a strong spirituality as it will help him
through the worst of his suffering.

It's also sad that the white cane is treated with such contemt. 
Echolocation is easily used with the cane and less tiresome for the tongue.
It's also sad that it's considered best to avoid treating a kid like their
disabled when they clearly are. What "disabled" means, however changes from
person to person. My mother once said that she didn't raise me like a blind
kid. but that's silly because I am blind; it's just sad that on some level,
she associated blindness with helplessness and thus didn't raise me blind.
Does that make sense? On the positive side, I was raised to be confident and
self sufficient, and thank goodness for it.

My hopes go out to him and his family.


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